This was all too much for Aja.  To be taken from the life she knew, fighting for survival on the streets of London, an insignificant blot on the face of society, to this place where she was considered worthwhile.  As if that wasn't enough she was now in the company of not one but two royals.  She couldn't process this information.

Leaving the group to sit down and think about how her life had changed didn't last long.  It was only a few minutes before a new warrior whose name she didn't know came and sat beside her.

'Are you feeling OK?'  He asked.  'You weren't looking too good back there.'  Aja shook her head, clearing it of the thoughts that had been whirling round it.

'I think I'm OK.  My head hurts and I feel a little sick.  Everything is changing too fast and too dramatically for me.  I'm used to living each day as it comes, trying to survive another day and now I'm safe.  I don't have to worry about being attacked in my sleep.'

'I'm not sure about that.'  He pointed to Victor.  'I'd keep an eye on him.  Apparently he attacked the other guy, I think his name is Jason, the one supporting Kez.'  Aja nodded to show she knew which guy he meant.  'I wouldn't look in his eyes if I were you.  Really scary!'  Aja felt something crawling up her spine and shuddered.

'Thanks for the advice.  I'm Aja by the way.'  She held out her hand and the boy took it.

'I'm Cannon.  Lovely to meet you.'

The End

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