Controlling An Icy Temper

Chase felt the new warrior's approach before he saw him. He also felt the steady pulse of Victor's energy stream...and it made him clench his fists slightly. His head was still hurting from earlier and he was finding it hard to control his temper. Chase didn't want to lose his temper ever again. Not after what happened last time.

He turned as they approached and glared at Victor for a brief moment. Then he turned to Cannon and welcomed him. Cannon seemed confused and began to ask questions. Chase answered his questions with short to the point answers.

"18 years ago there was a prophecy. It's known as The Prophecy of Ardin. 8 Warriors will rise again and come together to form a formidable team. Each one will control a different aspect of the light and will have a unique ability that the others do not have. In short, you are here to protect the Princess. She's the last remaining Daughter of Light and she has been missing for 18 years. We've finally found her and we don't want anything happening to her."

Chase glared at Victor as he said this and watched as Victor visibly shrank back. "I will have one of the Brother's escort you to your new room." He waved a hand and a Monk appeared at his side and bowed to Cannon. "Come Master." The Monk walked out and Cannon turned to follow him.

Victor was trying to sneak out when Chase's voice cut through the air.


It was spoken like a command and even Cannon turned back from the doorway to look as Chase threw a plain sword to Victor and picked up a long thin staff. "Your training will begin now." he stated coldly and twirled the staff around in his hand, blue light pulsing around him.

He advanced on Victor and watched through narrowed eyes as the other man looked down at the sword in his hand and then swung it at Chase. Using the stick Chase deflected the blow with ease and grinned. "You can do better then that. Victor." he laughed.

Before Victor could react a bell began to ring outside and Chase's head snapped up. "Darkfiend" he hissed, and he stalked out the door and into the courtyard, his cloak billowing behind him.

Chase reached the centre of the courtyard just as a dark shape crawled over the monastery walls and dropped to the ground.

"Chasssssee"  it hissed. "We meet again." It straightened up and took on the form of a man, the same height as Chase, with jet black hair and blazing amber eyes. "Are you enjoying it here?" He crept across the ground towards Chase and stopped four meters away from him. "It'sss been so long since I was last here."

Chase's drew the flaming blue sword and stared the other man down. "You are not welcome here Dirven." he growled in a voice that made the onlookers shiver and shrink back into the shadows. Everyone seemed to be there, including Kez. She stood a little unsteady on her feet, supported by Mino and Jason and her eyes never left Chase's face all through this talk.

Dirven turned and looked around at the rag tag group of warriors and began to laugh. "These are your warriors? These are the ones who will overthrow the Dark?!" He looked directly at Kez then and she stared back at him, defiance in her green eyes. Dirven bowed mockingly to her. "Princess, soon I will have quenched the light and both you and Merishin will be mine." he laughed winking at her.

Suddenly Chase was blocking his view and he stopped laughing and glared at him.

"Don't you dare even think about it. You are not worthy to even LOOK at her."

Dirven growled something in a strange language and a a sword of shadow appeared in his hand.

"Come then Dunavarin, let us fight." Dirven laughed and leapt at Chase, barely giving the other man the chance to raise his sword and block the blow.

The two men circled each other as they both looked for an opening, a weakness. The swords flashed so fast all that was to be seen of them was a trail of blue and a trail of shadow. Dirven jumped backwards and kicked off the wall, flipping over Chase's head and then spinning around to try and get him in the back but Chase was there, sword at the ready. "Nice try." he muttered.

Kez watched in awe as Chase raised one hand to his throat and undone the clasp on his cloak, tossing it to one side as he parried the strikes from Dirven's shadow sword. It was the first time she had seen Chase without the cloak. He wore loose fitting clothing, the trousers were black and covered in the same blue symbols as his cloak but it was his shirt that intrigued her. He wore a simple black shirt with a strange symbol on it of an eye inside a pentagram. Kez felt she had seen it before but she couldn't figure out from where.

"Join us." Dirven hissed at Chase but he was ignored as the light around Chase grew brighter, making Dirven squint slightly.

Suddenly the shadow sword flew from his hand and buried itself into the ground, causing the grass around it to wither before the sword disappeared. Dirven lay on the ground with Chase's foot on his chest and the blue sword of light pointed at his throat.

"I should kill you right now." Chase's voice was cold, unlike anything that anyone had ever heard before.

"You wouldn't kill me would you?" Dirven looked slightly afraid. "We are of the same."

Chase spat something inaudible and sheathed his sword. "Leave."

Dirven scrambled to his feet and looked around him, slightly unsure of what to do next. The monastery gates creaked open of their own accord and Chase turned his back on Dirven.

"The next time you return here, you will die." he stated. "Now, leave." Dirven fled through the gates and they slammed shut behind him.

He paused outside and everyone heard him yell. "She will be mine Dunavarin!! And even you will surrender to the call of the Dark. You will not beat me..."

There was a pause and then Dirven's voice was to be heard again. ""

Chase tilted his head back and roared at the sky, blue light exploding all around him and ice forming on his skin. His voice echoed pain, regret, and anger.

"Chase!" Kez called to him and he turned. "Who was that?"

Chase bowed his head and clenched his fists. "That was Dirven Shovin. Son of Mardel and Herina Shovin, and twin brother of Dunavarin Shovin. He betrayed his family to the Dark and left the Monastery after killing his parents and trying to kill his brother. It was after this that his brother Dunavarin discarded the name of Shovin completely in an attempt to rid himself of the shame that was his brother. He became Grandmaster Assassin of the Light and vowed to uphold the Prophecy of Ardin."

Kez held his blue gaze in her green one.

"He called you by that name." she stated simply and Chase nodded slowly. "Yes, he did. My name, is Dunavarin Shovin, brother of Dirven Shovin, the Darkfiend, and heir to the throne of Vemar, the City in the Clouds."

Aja tugged on Kez's sleeve. "Does that mean he's a Prince?" she whispered her eyes wide and Kez smiled slowly. "I guess it does." she murmured before turning back to him.

"What should we call you then Dunavarin Chase Shovin?" she tried to stand on her own but failed, suddenly feeling a stronger presence behind her, one she recognized.


He held her up and Kez looked up at Chase. He seemed tense until he realised Victor was no longer a threat to Kez. Chase smiled then, and everyone seemed taken aback at this.

"Call me Chase."

And he picked up the cloak and swung it around his shoulders before stalking off into the gardens without another word.

"Victor." Kez murmured as she tried to turn to look at him. "I need you to remember, quickly...for Chase.."

She caught Victor's gaze and he couldn't look away.

The End

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