Please Explain

Cannon had never in his life been to such a.. different place in his life. For the first time he could remember, he felt whole, and at home. He followed Victor into the darkness of the Monastery, in complete awe over it's beauty and the presence of it's magic.

"Where exactly are we?" Cannon nervously sputtered, "And who's Chase?"

"Well you're about to find out, aren't you?" Victor snapped bluntly back at him, refusing to make any eye contact.

The inside of the Monastery was even more spectacular than the outside. There was so much going on, yet at the same time, it remained so peaceful and serene.  Monks wandered calmly over the grounds, occasionally giving him a quick glance that would turn into a stare of excitement. 'But why would anyone be excited to see me?' he thought.

After some more time of walking passed more corridors, and the occasional indoor fountain, they came upon one of the tallest men he had ever seen. He bowed at once, because there was something about this man that Cannon knew deserved respect.

"Welcome, Cannon" he began, "to the Merishin Monastery."

"How do you know my name?" Cannon replied feebly.

"You, Cannon, are one of the warriors of Light. I've had my eye on you for quite some time." he replied.

"Wait.. Woah.. This doesn't make any sense... I'm just.. a boy."

"Oh, but you are so much more than that." he replied softly. "You may call me Chase, if Victor has not already told you that."

"Yeah, he mentioned it." Cannon replied. He couldn't help but feel intimidated in the presence of Chase; His broad shoulders and muscular exterior made him seem all the more powerful. And his deep blue eyes, he felt, could see everything running through his mind at that moment.

"I, I.. I want to know more about this 'Warrior of Light' business.. and where am I?" he muttered. It was so hard to talk to Chase at first, but he had a feeling he'd be spending some serious time with him, so he'd just have to get used to it.

The End

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