The Memory

Victor sat  on the ground in shock, his whole body shaking. His leg was on fire with pain and didn't seem to be letting up like it usually did. He watched the others walk away, Chase carrying her in his arms and the young man he had almost given a new face hurrying along next to them. He threw a few bewildered looks back towards Victor as if trying to grasp the notion that he had been about to breath his last. Fear  shone in his strange bronze eyes.  

Another set of eyes watched Victor too though, emerald green ones, peering over Chases shoulder at him.

I know you

Her voice rang in his head like a bell and he stopped shivering, suddenly fixated.


The pain in his leg suddenly, immediately stopped, completely, and Victor found himself unable to look away from her. There was something so maddeningly familiar about her, the colour of her eyes , even the green light that still curled off her skin as she was carried away.

While his mind worked to place her, he felt the taste of her blood on his tongue as he  absently ran  it across his teeth.

Suddenly, like a bolt of lightening hitting him right between the eyes, a memory  jolted into his mind.

I ....

Victor climbed to his feet.

I remember you.


She smiled, then turned her face away from him. They all disappeared into the darkness then and Victor found himself alone again. He stood there for a moment, stunned still by this sudden and violent revelation. He tried to let his mind flow onwards,to regain the memory that kept dancing just out of reach. All he knew was that he remembered her, but he didn't know why.

Her smile had told him she knew.

He desperately wanted to follow them but Chase's glare had been enough to tell him that his real punishment was yet to come. 

"That was a very stupid move"  a voice behind him said and Victor whirled around surprised that he had not heard her coming. He saw the glowing red light before he saw her face and immediately felt his aggression rise. 

The Red Warrior.

She stood, leaning against a tree, head tilted to one side,her  sly red eyes meeting his from under slightly lowered lids.  She didn't seem afraid of him in the slightest, her whole stance relaxed as she watched him. The weapon he had seen her carrying was secured over her shoulder and she didn't appear to feel the need for it. That, or she was a quick draw. Victor sensed the tense electricity of her reflexes and decided on the latter. The rage inside him was beginning to rise higher again, fogging his thoughts. It seemed heedless to warnings, separate from him, ready to reach out and devour and leave Victor to take the repercussions. But then, it seemed part of him too.

"I take it you like to eat people then"  she said, her voice grating on his nerves. She crossed one leg in front of the other, folded her arms and grinned at him. Nothing in her smile spoke of friendliness.

"No" Victor snapped " I just like to hear bones break"  

He took a step forward, feeling brief satisfaction as her cocky smile slipped ever so slightly. He saw the muscles in her arms tense so he took another step forward. She slowly unfolded her arms, her eyes watchful now. 

" You might  have fast hands" Victor said to her, gradually closing the distance between them, " But you won't draw fast without them"

She raised an eyebrow at this and he sensed the slightest hint of panic in her face.But this was quickly overcome and she smiled again.

" Another stupid move then, but if you have a death wish, I would be happy to oblige"   she shot. 

Victor paused, suddenly reminded of his earlier mistake. The memory of her eyes on his dampened the rage to something more manageable.

They eyed each other for a moment, words useless now, her red eyes burning with a fierce anger that Victor wanted to snuff out. A time would come when he would try, he knew it, but now was not that time. He was still annoyed that she had sneaked so easily up on him and part of him wanted to break her neck right there and then.

Suddenly, the big wooden gates behind them creaked open and he looked away from her, watching as a young man walked through them, a bewildered look upon his pale face.  He was tall, not as tall as Chase, but maybe six foot. The light that glowed around him was a strange one, an orange glow. It rested over him like a cloud, small tendrils of it reaching down and around his shoulders and settling there.  The colour reminded Victor of a sunset he had seen in that mountain village. Another warrior.

Surprisingly the urge to attack him was only mild, the colour seeming to calm him.

"Hello" the young man said, his odd eyes meeting Victors trustingly. He looked  relieved, as if happy to see him.

" I'm Cannon"  he said, his voice a little soft with youth, not quite deep enough yet. He stuck out a slender hand for Victor to shake and he reluctantly took it. The warm skin on his plucked at Victor's anger a little but not too bad. 

"Victor" he offered, searching the man's eyes carefully for any sign of weakness. He saw none. He had a maturity about him, his smile slow and easy, clearly oblivious to the danger that stood before him. Victor could sense his quiet confidence and it oddly relaxed him more. 

" I'm lost" Cannon said matter of factly " And I have no idea how I got here"

Victor turned, seeking the Red Warrior, sure she would have something to say but he found the space she had been invading was now empty. There was no trace of her, he couldn't even sense her light.

Annoyed, he turned back to Cannon, a little nervous now that he was left alone with this person. What if he snapped again?

"You need to see Chase" Victor said simply, taking a mental deep breath. " Follow me"  

He turned abruptly, not waiting for the young man, hoping that if he didn't look at him the rage would be easier to supress. It was boiling up again, triggered by the Red one's disappearance. He found himself wondering what Cannon's blood would taste like if he ripped it from his neck.

They walked into the darkness.






The End

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