Cannon's Fall

Cannon walked casually back to his small cottage just outside of the city from work, as he did each day. The sky appeared like a painting with so many shades of orange and pink this evening. He had always felt himself drawn the the sky, but mostly to the sun. Something about it's light always made him curious to know more about it. But he was much too poor to afford an education.

As he walked along, thoughts of his past haunted him, as they so often did: The flood, mostly. The flood that killed his entire family of a mother, father, and two sisters.  He'd never forget that day; he clung to a branch of the highest tree he could find, as he watched his hometown sink under the black,  ceaseless waves. 

After that time, the village blacksmith, Daniel, a wise old man, took him in. He was only at the feeble age of 9 years old. He remained under the custody of Daniel until he was 14 years of age. After that, he decided to take on the world and live on his own. He'd traveled all across Europe, and now, he was residing in the city of London, baking bread in bakery. He lived alone, minus his labrador that he loved so much. He'd always loved animals. 

Anyway, back to him walking: 

He was in the outskirts of the city when he noticed something peculiar in a window in one the shops. No, it was not something for sale, or anything of that sort; It was a reflection. A dark, cloaked figure stood behind him. He abruptly turned around to find that no one was really there.

This made him fret, of course, so he quickened his pace and began hurrying home. Well, he increasingly began to see this figure more and more, but only in reflections. Although there was continually no sign of any real cloaked figure, he was still anxious.

Eventually, he found himself running to get home. When.. bam! He fell straight down into the sewer without noticing. 

He finally splashed into the disgusting, murky water after falling for some time. He didn't realize what had happened, at first. He opened his eyes under the water to see nothing but blurriness. Then, he blinked, and out of no where,he was standing in front of a beautiful wooden gateway, completely dry, clean, and unharmed.

'This isn't London'.. he thought to himself.

The End

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