Chase strode across the grass and glared at Kez. "I don't like you being on your own around them." he growled and she stared at him. "I can take care of myself Chase." she said a little angrily. "Don't for a moment think that I ca..." Kez paused and her eyes flashed bright green.

"No!" she muttered and suddenly Chase blinked and she was halfway across the garden and running towards the gates. "Kez?" she ignored him and kept running so he took off running after her.

Kez reached the gates just in time to see Victor lunge at a young man who she took to be the Bronze warrior. "VICTOR." her voice rang out clear across the courtyard, echoing with traces of ancient power and Victor froze in mid pounce. He turned towards her and tipped his head back, howling at the sky in a way that made those present shiver, but Kez simply stood and stared at him, keeping eye contact with him as he lowered his head to look at her with a wild unseeing stare.

Chase appeared at the far end of the courtyard just as Victor sprang towards Kez, his agression making it seem like he was going to rip the small young woman into shreds. "No!" Chase yelled but Kez stood there while Victor lept at her and sank his teeth into her neck, ready to rip out her jugular with his teeth.

"Remember." she whispered as green light exploded around them both and Victor shrieked as he fell to his knees, clawing at his leg. He began to writhe on the ground in agony as he screamed in pure pain.

Chase stared at her dumbstruck as he watched the light creeping out from  her body in tendrils, suspending her a foot above the ground and making her hair and clothes ripple and fan out as though she was completely submerged in water. All around her things began to happen, flowers began to bloom and vines began to grow. Chase was the only one who was able to keep his eyes open to look at her as the light slowly grew brighter. He knew what was happening, her power was trying to consumer her and take total control. The brighter she shone, the louder Victor screamed.

"Kez stop!" Chase wrapped his arms around her, plucking her out of the air as he tried to calm her down before the light consumed her completely. Slowly the light around her began to fade as he tried to absorb some of the energy surrounding her. Victor stared up at them both, Chase standing at full height with Kez unconscious in his arms.

For a brief moment Chase's eyes flashed green and then changed back to their icy blue colour. "Don't ever try that again." his stare would have crumbled rock. "Next time, I might not be around to save your ass."

He turned to the young man at the gate. "Come, walk with me. I'll explain everything." and he turned and walked down a narrow path, still carrying Kez in his arms.

The young man followed him, looking back once or twice at Victor who still sat shivering on the ground. Kez slowly opened her eyes and looked over Chase's shoulder at him.

I know you.

She didn't realise she was aiming the thoughts at him until his head snapped up and he stared directly into her eyes.

I...I remember!

Victor's eyes widened as he thought this and Kez smiled briefly at him before Chase turned a corner and Victor disappeared from sight. She rested her head against Chase's shoulder and sighed. "He is on the border Chase, we must watch him."

Chase looked down at her with a mixture of worry and anger. "You should watch yourself your Highness." he looked back up again, his face once again calm. "You must not let the Light take such power."

He placed Kez on a long seat under an apple tree and then turned to the young man and gave a stiff nod. "Jason." it was not a question, but a statement, and the young man looked startled that his name was known. "Yes? What is going on here? You called her 'your Highness', is she a Queen?" he turned to Kez and bowed low. "Begging your pardon Milady. I am not sure how to act here."

"Don't be alarmed Jason." Kez said warmly before Chase could speak. "You have been summoned by the Light, and you will become one of the Great Eight warriors, destined to be reborn by the Prophecy of Ardin. It will begin to make sense as soon as you are touched by the Light. The Light remembers, it will never forget."

Kez smiled and suddenly she beckoned to a figure behind them and the young man with golden hair named Mino stepped forward from the trees. "Come young Highness and ask me the many questions you have running through your mind. I know you were watching earlier in the courtyard. The answer to one of those questions is yes. You will learn to use the Light, as soon as you accept who you are it will come to you."

Her voice was still laced with the power of the Light and Chase watched her with worry. His head was beginning to ache slightly and he felt a needle prick sensation on his upper left arm. Slowly, so as not to attract attention, Chase rolled up his sleeve and stared at the emerald green tattoo of the Light symbol for Life as it shimmered on his skin.

It was the same colour as Kerashimidezyavadesh's eyes. He had been marked by her power as the one the Light trusted with her life. He knew she had no idea, but as he touched the symbol with one finger, he could have sworn he heard her voice inside his head for a brief moment.

They were irreversibly bonded.

The End

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