Bad Books

Chase left Victor's side abruptly, suddenly doubling back towards the tree where the Red Warrior had been perching. Victor had felt her eyes on them as they passed beneath the branches, and though her red light was faint, it still stung to sense and there was no doubt it would become stronger. It seemed to flare up more when Chase had walked by, surrounding her in a fiery red glow.  

Before Chase had left, Victor had tried asking more questions, if only to take the cold frown from his face. He felt exiled all of a sudden, and though he had no idea what it was to feel lonely, this simple act of silence hurt him.

"How old am I"? he had asked.

Chase didn't look at him, but replied tonelessly " You are 25, Victor"

"And there are others like me"?

Chase looked behind him, his pace slowing slightly. He seemed distracted now.

"Yes, but only like you, not the same. That is not necessarily a good thing for you, but then again, it could be. You should take that wolf pelt from around your neck, it smells offensive, there is one warrior who will not like it"

Victor was about to reply when he sensed somebody else near and found himself following Chase's line of sight.  Another girl stood beneath the Red Warriors tree now, peering up into the branches. Her hair was white, streaked with green and Victor felt himself unable to look away. It wasn't that he liked how she looked, he just felt the sudden sense that he had seen her before. The gentle green light that surrounded her was stronger than that of any of the others. It seemed to move with her, and when she spoke, seemingly addressing the girl in the tree , the green light curled up from her mouth towards the branches.Briefly, the realisation that his leg didn't hurt passed through his mind and out again. Victor felt a peace settle over him as he watched her and his questions for Chase were well forgotten.

Then, Chase simply pointed him onwards, and turned back toward them. Victor watched him swiftly close the space between them and also sensed that the Red Warrior had moved from her place in the tree. The girl with green hair seemed confused, unable to see where she had gone, but Victor could see. He wanted to follow Chase over, but already being in his bad graces, he thought it best to follow orders. For now.

Why is she so familiar?

Victor glanced back one more time at the girl then continued onwards, his senses still following what was going on behind.  As he walked further into the shadow he felt the old feral anger return with fervor and soon the girl in green was forgotten. Now his senses were on something else, a movement ahead of him.

In the murk before him, Victor could  make out a faint coppery glow, weak, but becoming stronger. He heard soft footsteps as it moved across his path, completely unaware of him.  Victors heart began to beat faster, his muscles tensing as his blood began to heat up once again. An inaudible growl rumbled in his throat as he began to track the copper glow. It came closer towards him, and now Victor could make out the shape of a young man, a sword in his hand, held low down by his side.

Victor crouched, ready to leap, the glow growing brighter around the man, starting to radiate out from him in small slow spirals. Briefly, Chase's warning entered his boiling mind but soon fizzled out as the man came closer. Every one of Victors senses was filled with him now, smelling his fear and soaking up the maddening glow of light. Whatever had lain dormant inside him while Chase was around was fully and savagely awake now.

" Hello"? the man called into the darkness.

 Victor  attacked.



The End

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