Aislin watched with mild interest as Chase walked past with another person, he had white hair and black eyes. She became more interested when the mysterious boy turned round with an almost feral look and demanded who she was. Aislin didn't reply but watched as Chase said something, they moved on and then walked back past the tree before finally exiting her line of sight. She leaned back and looked at her bow, she checked the string and the fletching of the arrows. Once she was satisfied she hung the bow on one of the branches near her and then leaned back, looking through the folly of leaves. The moon had risen and it sat proudly in the middle of an empty sky, Aislin glanced at the bow again and thought about the person who had given it to her.

Someone approached from below and she glanced down to see Kerashimidezyavadesh approaching the tree. Aislin didn't say anything until she was standing under the tree's branches. Kerashimidezyavadesh looked up at the tree's branches, most likely trying to spot Aislin.

"So where's the guard dog then?" Aislin said lazily, stretching out her arms and arching her back like a cat's. She swung her self round on the branch and sat looking down, her legs hang off the branch and arms in between her legs to keep her secured on the tree. Kerashimidezyavadesh looked up to where Aislin's voice came from, replying,

"He's not with me all the time, and he just worries for my safety" She said frowning.

"Ahh, so you're saying he's not here or anywhere near right?" Aislin asked, smiling to herself.

"No... why?" Kerashimidezyavadesh said looking around her and then back at the branch Aislin had been sitting on. Aislin wasn't there anymore,

"So... Why come and see someone who could have killed you just now?" Aislin said behind Kerashimidezyavadesh.

"So you are an assassin? I'm Kez by the way." Aislin frowned and walked round Kez to sit down on the ground with her back to the tree.

"Aislin, and yes I am an Assassin. What does it matter to you?" Aislin replied coolly. Kez sat down next to Aislin and turned round so that she was facing her.

"Well, it's just, you're what? 15?" Kez asked.

"16 actually, but good guess. So what's your point?" Kez bit her lower lip before finally saying,

"Well aren't you a bit too young to be an assassin?" Aislin eyes flared and she growled,

"Don't ever say that to me! I'm not too young!"

"I'm sorry. It's just... it must be horrible... being an assassin and at such a young age too." Kez said slowly, watching Aislin's reaction.

Aislin looked down at her hands, they were shaking slightly. She saw the blood of those she killed no matter how many times she washed her hands, the blood stained her hands and she could never get rid of it. Kez put a hand on top of Aislin's.

Aislin jerked her hands away and stood up with her back to Kez crying out,

"No! Don't touch me!" Aislin looked down at her hands again, they were still shaking. Kez stood up behind Aislin and said,

"Why do you kill?" Aislin didn't say anything for a while.

"I kill for myself. I kill for what will help me in the long run," Aislin laughed slightly, it was a sad laugh. "Don't you get it? I kill because I have to."

Kez walked around Aislin and stood in front of her, she lifted Aislin's head so that she was looking in Kez's own eyes. Aislin put on a cool face, staring at Kez with steely eyes, daring Kez to take pity on her.

"You have a choice. Here you won't have to kill, here you can be a normal teenager." Kez looked behind her and they saw Chase coming round the corner. He glanced around the garden until he spotted Aislin and Kez, he began to walk towards them. His face a mask of cool anger.

"Remember everyone has a choice" Kez said before turning round and walking to chase. Aislin looked at her hands again before saying,

"No one has a choice. I will always kill, I always have." Kez looked back towards Aislin but she wasn't there anymore.

The End

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