Aja tried to mimick what Kez was showing her, making the light dance in front of her.  She closed her eyes and thought of the light pulling it towards her.  Her hand reached out as if to touch the light but as it made contact with her skin she felt a painful burning sensation in her fingertips and withdrew her hand.

'That hurt.'  It was more an exclamation of suprise than anything else.

'It does a bit at first,' Kez reassured her.  'But it goes away once you have control over the light.'  She nodded at Aja, urging her to try again.  Aja obliged and closed her eyes, feeling for the light.

She reached out towards it, like she had the first time, but now she was ready for the pain and when she touched the light it didn't hurt as much.  She pulled the light towards her, letting it run through her fingers in her imagination.  The light was the same colour purple that covered her robes.

'Aja,' Kez whispered.  'Open your eyes.'  Slowly Aja opened her eyes, not wanting to lose the image of the dancing light.  But when she finally could see again she saw something better.  She laughed as she saw real purple light dancing around her fingers.

'I did it.'  Aja smiled, never taking her eyes off the light.  'It's magical,' she breathed, astonished by what she could do.

The End

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