"I will kill you"

Victor was stopped dead in his tracks as the man said these words and a sharp hot fear streaked up through his very core. As the tall man slowed to wait for him, Victor could see the faint blue light around his head, glowing stronger the more he held Victors gaze. There was an utter truth there, no empty threats and Victor knew from the very base of himself, that he would have no qualms carrying through with it.

 The blue light around him flared up so painfully bright that Victor had to break eye contact, dropping his gaze to the ground where at least there was some shadow. This  light in his senses was maddening, so strong and vibrant and it seemed to call to his rage, beckoning it up to the surface, then pushing it back down again.  He felt as if this man was controlling it. 

Is he ?

"What is your name"? Victor asked, his voice still hoarse from lack of use. He only realised now that apart from that summer in the mountains, he could not recall talking to another person ever. He wondered how long it had been.

"I am Chase"  The man paused, looked at him " Did I not already tell you that"?

Victor tried to recall but found he couldn't. Instead his mind went to the girl in the tree, the one he had wanted to tear down from the branches and rip apart.  The Red Warrior. He could sense her defiance from here and it irked him, scratching on his brain like a spindle claw. He didn't want this confusion, he wanted to be dead. He had been ready to be dead, free of the strange anger that brewed like molten iron in his belly, burned through his every thought like a fever ready to consume him. What was the Dark? Was he not already in it? Was this rage inside the Dark, or the Light? The urge to rip and tear rose and he felt his teeth clench tightly together, his hands beginning to tense at his sides. He wanted answers. If he was not allowed the courtesy of death then he wanted to know why he was still so wretchedly alive.

Swallowing the insane urge to simply howl at the night sky, Victor spoke, slowly and carefully, wary of Chase but too angry to hold back. 

"Why. Am. I. Not. Dead " ?

Chase slowed in his walk so he was side by side with Victor, towering over him, a strange smile on his face.

"Well Victor, thats like asking why you are alive and if I were to explain that you would simply self destruct. Much like a star exploding, that would be you. I will tell you however, that you have a purpose and that none of this is meaningless, though in your state I am sure it seems so"

Victor took this answer in, and his mind turned it around again and again searching for any flaws, anything to be angry about. Though still vague, Chase said these words in a way that seemed purely truthful.

" I have never seen a star explode" Victor said as they walked along, Chase taking long easy strides, and him limping, though less than he had been. The pain was becoming easier to ignore.

"You have Victor, you just don't know it"  Chase glanced his way, not holding his eye this time, seemingly more friendly now. There was still no doubt this man would kill him if he ever crossed whatever line had been set to him. He could sense it off him. It would be quick.

"And you will see it again"

Victor puzzled over this, falling silent, his thousands of other questions sinking back into the murk of his mind while he focused on this answer. It suggested a future, a happening and he knew it was something to do with this Light mystery. They walked in complete silence for a time, Chase slightly ahead of him and Victor saw the blue glow around him again. His blood boiled a little, but nothing too hard to handle.

It was then that he saw the garden. That garden. The one from his dreams. It looked different though. The plants and walls and arches were all in the right places, but it was lit differently, as if the light of the moon shone up from the earth itself, filling the stalks and leaves with a luminescence that made them glow. Victors eyes were drenched with light,  drawn to every line and shape illuminated with this strange light.  A breeze caught a low hanging tree branch and it swayed.  Suddenly the air around it burst into light and thin bright glowing lines leaped and streaked off the moving branch, shooting up into the night sky for a moment then fading. Victor stood, fascinated, his mouth falling open as he drowned his senses in this spectacle, the rage forgotten. As the swinging branch slowed , the glow around it faded, died down, until it was completely gone. Victor stepped forward , through a small gate into the garden, Chase following quietly, seeming to not want to intrude on this moment.  As he walked past a climbing rose, Victors shoulder brushed off one of the flowers and again more streaks of light bounced off the moon coloured petals and fizzled out in the air.

Victor turned to Chase, " How is this done? What flowers are these"?   

Chase raised an eyebrow. " Regular flowers Victor. How is what done"?  Then, Chases face seemed to smooth out and he smiled  " Ah, yes, you are seeing"  

"Seeing what"?

"Seeing Light. Your Light Victor, nobody else can see the way you see. I have seen it once only and I would give much to see like that again" Chase's face grew serious  and he held Victors stare in his 

" You are seeing life itself Victor, the beginning and the end, real Light, and real Dark, though you may not know the difference now, you will in time.But it is life, each breath and each movement is made of light"

Victor turned back to the rose, closing his hand around it this time. Tiny rays of light beamed out through the spaces between his fingers.  Then he tightened his fist around it, feeling the petals crush beneath the pressure of his hand.  Something was waking up inside him.  Suddenly, he pulled the rose head clean off its stalk and. immediately, a fierce white light burst from the freshly severed rose head, gushing down his arm and across his chest and Victor felt the rage respond to this, seeming to rise up to meet the light. He felt no shame in killing the flower but he could see Chases smile slip next to him.

" You didn't have to do that Victor, why did you do that"?

"Because" Victor said, opening his hand and looking down at the crushed petals. The light was slowly ebbing from them, seeming to soak into his skin " I could"

Suddenly, Chase was in front of him, his tall frame casting Victor in a deep shadow,  luminous blue eyes burning into his. His voice was no longer warm, instead it was dangerously low.His shocking blue eyes seemed a deeper colour now, almost violet.

"Be careful Victor, for though you burn brightly, you can burn too bright. Your Light can bring peace or it can bring destruction, Also, so can I"

Victor slowly closed his hand over the dead flower, suddenly ashamed and he took a step back from Chase, his sheer height intimidating.  Though Victor could not bring himself to utter the word 'sorry' he dropped his gaze to the ground, letting the petals fall to the earth. The light he saw around Chase burned so brightly that he could feel its heat on his skin. 

" I don't know what I look like" Victor murmured  " I don't know what I am"

Chase opened the garden for him to leave  " Dead if you carry on like that"

They walked in a different kind of silence now, and as they passed beneath Aislins tree, Victor chose to fight the feral rage that tried to raise its head. He kept his eyes ahead, and forgot the girl in the tree, the stain of light on his hand a bloody reminder of who he couldn't become.




The End

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