The Night Warrior

Chase walked through the gardens with Victor by his side. "I don't expect you to understand." he said. "But you have to accept your destiny." Victor remained silent. "Your leg will heal." Chase continued. "But there is, at the moment, only one, of the three who can heal, that has learned to use the light, so you must wait a while before I take you to her."

Victor paused and snarled at a tree. "Who watches me?" his voice was cracked, as though he hadn't used it in a while. Chase looked in the direction of Victor's stare and nodded to himself. "Aislin." he said quietly. "She is the Red Warrior. Well, she will be, as soon as she accepts it. I refuse to teach her how to wield the Light until she agrees to stay."

Chase continued to walk and watched as Victor limped along beside him, wincing every so often. "There is one thing that you should be aware of." Chase said casually. "Because you are on the brink of Light and Dark, as a Night Warrior, you will be tempted by the creatures of Dark. Don't give in to them, for they give not what they promise, they only take what you have. If you turn, then you will have forced my hand and I cannot be held responsible for the consequences. Now, we shall go to the Daughter of Light and see what can be done for you."

Victor looked sideways at him and then away again. They continued their walk and then Victor spoke. "What will happen if the Dark sways me and I give in to it?"

Chase's face was grim. "The same thing that will happen if you try in any way to hurt Princess Kerashimidezyavadesh, last Daughter of Light." he replied.

Victor looked a little unsettled. "And, that would be..?" he pressed, trying to get Chase to talk some more.

"I will kill you."

The End

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