Using The Light

Kez clutched her sides as she straightened up from laughing. "I haven't laughed properly in ages!" she exclaimed. Aja grinned back at her. "Me neither." she admitted. "It feels good to laugh though."

Suddenly the sky outside darkened and they heard an inhuman growl followed by Chase's voice. "Welcome Victor. Glad you finally made it."

Kez and Aja looked at each other. "What was that?" Aja whispered and Kez looked out at the darkening sky. "It's the Night Warrior." she said softly. "He who brings the light to the darkness."

Aja looked out the window and watched as the sky suddenly brightened up again for no reason before she turned back to Kez. "What is going on? I really don't understand any of this at all."

Kez turned from the window and took Aja's hand in her own. "I can't explain it to you." she murmured apologetically. "But the light can over time."

"Close your eyes." Kez instructed and Aja did. "Ok now, relax and think about light, nothing but light." she paused. "Now open your eyes." Aja gasped as lines of purple light danced in shapes around her. "Reach out to them." Kez instructed and Aja did so, the light suddenly filling her with a purple glow. Kez let go of her hand and turned back to the window. "We should go and meet the Night Warrior." she said thoughtfully as Aja stared about her in a dumbstruck silence.

Kez turned and smiled at the other girl. "Chase will teach you to find the light." she told her. "But only the light can teach you how to use it." she waved her hand in the air, drawing symbols in a green light. When she was done, they wrapped themselves around her and suddenly she was no longer wearing a dress, instead, she now wore an outfit similar to Aja's, only it was covered in green symbols instead of purple. "It works however you want it to. But there is a limit to what each warrior can do. The reason the Night Warrior is so special is because they can starmap. This is an unusual skill of using the stars to create a road from one place to another."

Aja stood with wide eyes as she tried to take it all in. "Here." Kez threw her a plain black cloak. "Try to use the light to give your clothes protection." Aja still looked confused so Kez picked up another plain black cloak. "Like this." she focused on the cloak and Aja watched as lines and symbols of green light began to appear all around her and twist their way up the fabric of the cloak. Then Kez looked up and it was done. The cloak was now covered in green symbols.

"Go on Aja." she pressed the girl. "You try it now."

The End

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