First big challenge...Trousers

'I'll try and find you some more suitable clothes.'  Kez said as she rifled through a wardrobe.  'Chase is right, we're going to have to find you the proper attire of a Light Warrior.'

'What do you mean the attire of a Light Warrior?  Isn't this OK?'  Aja looked at her skirt.  She liked it, it was comfotable and safe.

'Well it doesn't exactly give you much freedom do they?  How will you practise?'  Kez smiled as she took some clothes from a shelf and handed them to Aja.  It was the black trousers and tunic the woman had given her earlier.  The purple stripes matched the colour of her hair.

'I'm not sure I can wear men's clothing.'  Aja held the trousers reluctantly.

'They're not so bad.'  Kez smiled encouragingly.  'Try them on, I'll wait for you here.'  Aja slowly walked into the ajoining room and began to change.  She looked at the trousers for a few moments before putting them on.

No girl she had ever known had worn trousers.  Even the girls she had grown up with on the streets had worn skirts and dresses, trousers were something only men wore.

To her suprise it didn't feel too bad wearing trousers and Kez was right, they gave her a lot more freedom.  She still felt awkward when she stood in front of Kez who clapped her hands.

'See it's not so bad is it?'  Aja shook her head and Kez laughed at her shyness.  Aja couldn't help but join in.  She had so few chances to laugh she took each one as it came.

The End

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