By the Light of Night.

The dream came again that night, along with the pain and Victor woke screaming, that old familiar cold sweat on his brow.  Less and less was he able to recall what exactly he had been doing during the day time, all of it just a strange mundane blur. He knew only one thing for certain, he was far more rested while he took company with daylight. The night had become his tormentor, bringing dreams and pain and that strange anger which bubbled through his blood. It seemed to respond to the night sky as if up there among the stars was a voice beckoning  it to the surface, ready to break him in two.  Every nerve, every sense inside him was raw,  stretched tense beneath his skin.

His thoughts leaped  to the dream again as he waited for his leg to stop twitching. This time had been different, there was a man there in the garden. He was tall, so tall ,with eyes as azure as the summer sky. He held two swords, one bright and glowing, the other made out of something dark, tendrils of deep gray smoke curling up from the blade. The tall man held the dark sword out to him and said something that Victor couldn't understand. It was then the pain in his leg had woken him up. 

He lay back on the forest floor and stared up into the night sky. Sleep had become less and less a visitor and rest was long gone.Oddly enough, he felt nothing regarding this, only an awareness that he was not missing it all that much.  He started to trace abstract patterns among the bright  stars above him and something like a moan gathered in his throat. He didn't know why, but he felt the intense urge to cry out as his keen eyes followed the tiny infuriating lights up there. 

All of a sudden, his vision blurred, the stars above stretching and blending into each other and then everything went dark. Before he could gather his wits, Victor felt himself bodily flung upward as if picked up by the wind. His cry was snatched away by the cold night air as he hurtled upwards.

This is it Victor  he thought   It's time to die.

This thought did not disturb him. He had no past, all he knew was the night and it had not been kind to him. In fact, somewhere in his mind, Victor concluded that he was relieved. He realized that he wanted to die. As he felt himself fly higher and higher, a smile crossed his face, blind eyes closing to welcome  his end.  What an empty world this had been. The dream slipped from his memory along with everything else and the soft downy peace of death enveloped him.

Victor woke screaming. He leaped to his feet, a snarl of fury escaping him. His skin burned, the blood beneath it racing through his veins hotter than molten rock. His mind was blank, completely, filled only with that savage rage that had been slowly taking over. Now it was strong, unstoppable, consuming his every sense with dark fire.


"Why am I not dead"?   he cried out, his voice twisted and hoarse. He looked around him, his surroundings bringing nothing familiar, no hint. His leg ached with a new persistence now, radiating into his hip and only fueling his anger more. He wanted to rip and slash and taste blood, listen to bones crack.

Victor heard a faint sound behind him and immediately turned, his first instinct to leap upon whatever the source was .

What met his eyes  froze his fury completely.

A tall man stood before him, eyes as blue as lightening.

"Welcome Victor" the man said gesturing behind him to where a garden lay behind two tall jade gates. 

"Glad you finally made it" 


The End

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