Part of the Prophecy

"It means you're part of the Prophecy of Ardin." Chase offered her his arm and she cautiously linked him and they walked through the gardens and then sat down.

"You were born of the light." he explained. "This is the reason that you have such unique looks. Your colour is purple meaning that when you call upon the light to aid you, you will be using the purple source." he paused and looked at her confused face.

"You are a Warrior, you do not become one, you are born one. It's in your blood. The prophecy states that the Warriors of Light will help to overthrow the Dark Lord and restore the Princess to her throne."

Aja looked up at him with a sort of childlike look for a brief moment. "There's a Princess?" Chase stood up, towering over her. "Yes, there is. She is the last Daughter of The Light. I have only just found her though, she has no idea what is going on either." He paused and looked her up and down. "Would you like to meet her?" he asked suddenly.

Aja seemed startled. "I... yes... well.. if she doesn't mind." she spluttered and Chase held out a hand. "Come with me." Aja followed him to a different part of the garden where Kez stood, the wind making her cloak billow. She lowered the hood as they approached and blushed as Chase bowed to her. "My Lady." he murmured and she shook her head. "Chase please, I told you that you didn't have to call me that." she turned to Aja and smiled. "My name is Kerashimidezyavadesh." she laughed at the look on Aja's face. "It's ok, you can call me Kez."

"Lady Kez." Chase bowed again. "I must go to the gates. I sense another's arrival." Kez nodded to him. "I was speaking to the Light Weaver and he told me to open up my mind to The Light and I would understand all. I keep getting flashes of memories." she paused. "Memories that I don't think are mine, but they feel familiar." Chase stepped towards her. "Do you want me to stay with you?" he asked with worry in his voice and Aja shifted a little as though she felt like she was intruding on something. "No. I'm fine Chase." Kez looked up at him. "Go, welcome the Light Warrior of the Night."

Chase looked startled. "Are you sure?" he took a hold of her by the shoulders and stared searchingly into her eyes. "Yes." Chase turned and strode towards the gates in a hurry.

"He never runs." Kez murmured before turning to Aja. "We'll have to get you the attire of a true Light Warrior." she said, her eyes glowing brightly with energy. Suddenly she blinked and swayed a little. "Shall we get out of the sun and take a walk inside?" she asked. "I have a feeling you have many questions, some of which I can answer, and some of which I can not. I'm only learning myself you see." Kez took Aja by the arm and they walked inside, Kez leaning a little on the girl for support. "My energy is not fully back yet, and these flashes of memory drain quite a bit of it out of me again." she explained.


Chase stood at the gates with a stoney expression on his face. Night Warriors never arrived the easy way. Suddenly the gates shimmered and appeared to be made of jade. They opened and Chase heard a guttural snarl that was almost wolfish. A man strode through the gates and glared at Chase with dark black eyes.

Chase smiled grimly. This was going to be interesting.

The End

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