He blocked the downward thrust of the sword with his own, matching his opponent blow for blow.  Sweat began to drip down his forehead and he thought his arms would break.

'And rest.'  The instructor brought his sword to his side, wiping the sweat from his face.  'Very good Jason.  You're getting better every day now.'  This was huge praise from his instructor and Jason beamed with pride.  'Alright don't get too big headed, you're not quite there yet.'

'I know that sir.'  Jason was still smiling.  'It's good to know I'm getting better.  Swordsmanship has never been my strong point.'

'Well that is still obvious when you look at you when you ride or shoot or wrestle but with work you will be just as good with a sword.  When you're ready.'  They brought their swords up and began hacking at each other again.

Jason walked back to his rooms, his sword in its scabbard at his side.  He heard something move in the trees.  Drawing his sword he edged towards the hedges, muscles tensed, ready for an attack.  He began pushing the leaves aside, slowly making his way into the wood.  He fought his way through branches until he reached a clearing.

There was nothing here.  He cursed for having been such a fool and turned to leave before he realised he was lost.  He turned in circles looking for a way out.  On the third rotation a pair of large wooden gates appeared.  Jason took a step back.  He was sure they hadn't been there before.

He reached out and touched the wood.  It felt real enough and when he pushed the gate it opened.  He put his head around the door and yelled, 'Hello?  Anyone there?' 

The End

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