Aja struggled as the women took her away. Normally she wouldn't have stopped herself from lashing out, kicking the women in their stomachs and running to somewhere safe, but here there was something else stopping her, some greater force that she couldn't see. And she already felt safe. The stranger who she had seen had said she was home. Aja had never had a home.

The women took her to a dimly lit room where there was a washbasin and a bed but not much else. Without warning one of the women started to unlace the back of her dress. Aja's natural instincts kicked in and she spun around, her leg making contact with the woman's side and her fist imbedding itself in another woman's side.

They both were knocked back in shock and from the power of the blows. Aja realised what she had done to people who had done nothing to her. 'I'm so sorry!' She knelt beside the one who was clutching her stomach. 'I wasn't thinking. Are you alright?' The woman smiled slightly and nodded trying to assure Aja that she was alright.

'Let us undress you, we have to clean you up.'  The other woman gently began undoing Aja's laces again, the woman on the floor staggered to her feet and left the room.

She pulled Aja's dress off so she was standing in her dirty shift and corset.  All the clothes she wore used to be her mother's, she'd saved them so she had something to remember her by.  The corset wasn't done up very tightly so it only took a few seconds to take it off.

The woman handed Aja a pile of clothes.  'Wash yourself with the water over there and then put these on.'

'But these are trousers?'  Aja held them out at arms length trying to work out why they had given her men's clothing.

'Hang on a moment.'  The woman left but returned a few moments later with a plain black skirt and white shirt.  'Is this better?'

'Much.'  Aja smiled gratefully.

'They will do for now but you're going to have to get used to wearing trousers.'  Aja looked confused.


'I'm not allowed to say.'  The woman left, giving Aja a small smile before she closed the door.


Aja wandered around the gardens in her clean clothes watching everything around her.  It was all so beautiful.  She had forgotten what it felt like to be clean.  It was a good feeling.  The man she had seen when she first arrived walked slowly towards her.

'Hello Aja.  Glad to see you're looking clean.'  Aja thought he meant it as a joke but wasn't the sort of girl to laugh at jokes she didn't find funny.

'Why am I here?'

'You are a Warrior of the Light.'  Aja's eyes widened.

'What the hell does that mean?'

The End

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