Three Days

Aislin narrowed her eyes at Kerashimidezyavadesh and Chase, her mind was working over what was happening and trying to find a way in which it could benefit her. Aislin stooped down and picked up her bow, flicking off a bit of grass,

"Next time could you tell me to place it on the floor instead of making me drop it." She muttered at Chase. He seemed surprised by her comment but Aislin didn't take any notice instead she replaced the arrow back into her quiver and slung the bow over her shoulders. Someone came up to Aislin and whispered nervously,

"Shall I take that for you Miss?" Aislin narrowed her eyes and replied sharply,

"No on touches my bow." Chase coughed and Aislin turned back to him, she smoothed her facial expressions and began to think about how he compared to her. He looked like he had a strong physical ability and had the stance of a swordsman but he didn't look like he had as much speed as Aislin, also he had probably never drawn a bow in his life. Aislin glanced passed Chase towards Kerashimidezyavadesh, she was smaller then Aislin and also had a look of a swordsman, maybe not as good as Chase but still a swordsman. She had white hair with green streaks as did her eyes but they also had specks of gold in them. Kerashimidezyavadesh looked like someone who did not understand what power she had lying in the palm of her hand at the moment.

Chase moved between Kerashimidezyavadesh and Aislin's line of sight, Aislin looked up at the man's neon blue eyes and gave him a cool look. Aislin didn't trust any of them, the girl looked blissfully un aware, the man was getting on her nerves. Aislin decided there and then that there was nothing that would benefit her from this partnership.

Aislin reached up a hand and tugged at her hair, an irritating habit she had picked up which was the only suggestion of the girl that was horrified by what she did. Aislin noticed Kerashimidezyavadesh looking at her with a sort of sadness in her eyes, Aislin narrowed her eyes and Kerashimidezyavadesh looked away blushing.

One of the boy's next to Aislin coughed quietly and Aislin snapped out of her evaluation of the situation. Aislin turned around and looked at the door, she put out a hand and pushed against it. The door's swung open and Aislin took a step forward,

"What are you doing?!" Chase snapped at her and Aislin spun round pointing the tip of her bow at the man's chest,

"NO ONE tells me what to do. Also I don't help for the heck of it, there is nothing here to benefit me. And before you say that it benefits me being a Warrior of the Light there is no way that I'm going to help you."

Aislin turned to leave again, "Please wait." Aislin stopped but didn't turn back round to face Kerashimidezyavadesh.

"You have to gain my respect and trust before I decide to help you. And before you ask, gaining my respect is not through violence." Aislin said, she glanced out of the corner of her eye,

"How do we gain your respect Red Warrior?" Chase asked her,

"Ahh, now that'd be telling wouldn't it" Aislin answered smiling to herself, she turned round and leaned on her bow, one leg crossed in front of the other. Aislin raised her eyebrow, and said,

"Tell you what, I'll stick around for a while, but I'm not helping you. If you can work out a way to gain my respect and trust, just let me know. Oh and one more thing, I do things for my own gain so watch who tracks your shadow." With that Aislin walked past Chase, Chase put out an arm to separate Aislin from Kerashimidezyavadesh.

Aislin walked through the courtyard and when she got to the doors of the building, Aislin jumped up the handrail and grabbed the edge of the roof, swinging and then flipped over the edge and landed perfectly on the roof. She out out her two arms, still clutching the bow, to steady herself and then ran across the roof and jumped onto a tree. She lowered herself onto a branch and sat with her back to the trunk to the tree, one leg swing lazily over the side and the other so that the knee was close to her face. Aislin laid her arm across her knee and held the bow in her other hand. She watched the other's talking, she could see what they were saying and so watched with a smile playing across her lips.

Three days, they had three days to gain Aislin's respect before she would leave this place.

The End

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