And so it begins....

Chase went to see Kez. "How are you My Lady?" he bowed to her and she smiled at him. "Stop, please, I don't know why you're doing all this, I don't understand?"

"You are the last Daughter of The Light." he explained. "The Light is hard to explain, you can't explain it in fact, you can only understand it." He waved a hand and blue light filled it, finally disappearing to leave a perfect blue rose in his hand.

He handed it to her. "You can use it to create..." he flicked a hand at a vase of dead flowers and it shattered in a blue aura. "..or destroy."

Kez looked down at the flower in her hand. "I will try to learn." she said, almost to herself. Chase nodded and stood up to leave.

"Wait." Kez held out her hand to him. "What is your name?"

"Chase." he walked to the door and Kez spoke again. "You're real name?" Chase froze. His name... he had almost forgotten it. "I... my real name is of no importance at this time." he avoided her gaze. "You can call me Chase."

"Why Chase?" she inquired curiously and he looked deep into her green eyes with his blue ones. "Because when I said I would find you they told me I was chasing the wind."

He walked out and left Kez to puzzle over what he meant by that.


Chase was sitting in the chapel when he felt three warriors arrive simultaneously. It had begun with Aja, and now the light lines knew how to find their way here. After all, the warriors were all connected by light.

He rose to his feet as one of the Sisters appeared in the doorway. "There are people in the courtyard Master Chase." she seemed in a panic. "Mistress Kerashimidezyavadesh has gone out to them Master, but they seem dangerous."

Chase didn't wait for her to finish as he ran past her and out towards the gates.


Kez wandered around the large room and finally stopped in front of the mirror. She wore a white dress of the druidic style with the same green symbols on her sword embroidered all over it. Then the cloak she had draped across her shoulders was the same green as her eyes and covered in the same symbols only this time they were embroidered in white.

She picked up the sword from the bed and looked at it. Under her fingertips it seemed to glow and she could have sworn she saw the green symbols moving. She blinked and suddenly she saw dancing lines of colour in front of her. She reached out and pulled at them without thinking. They vanished and she looked around the room in confusion. Then something made her walk out into the courtyard.

She saw three people near the monastery gates. One of them, a girl, had another in a lock with a bow pressed to their throat. All three of them had pure white hair with different coloured streaks. The girl had red in her hair and her eyes were also red. The guy she had in a lock had silver streaks in his hair and silvery grey eyes and the other one had gold. They all froze when she approached and stared at her.

"Who are you all?" she asked cautiously.

"Who are you?" the girl let go of the guy she was holding and pulled an arrow from her quiver, slotting it into the bow and holding it ready. Kez opened her mouth to reply but was cut short by a hand on her shoulder.

"She is the last Daughter of the Light."

She looked up to see Chase standing by her side, his face set in a grim mask. He pushed her halfway behind him and stared at the girl. "Put your weapon down Red One." he commanded and she seemed to struggle between holding it steady and dropping it on the ground. "Put it down." his voice held an undercurrent of power and she dropped the bow looking slightly shocked.

"How did you do that?" she took a step backwards and stared at him. "For the moment, that is irrelevant." Chase stepped back so that he was once again beside Kez and not in front of her.

"I brought them here I think." she muttered and they all looked at her in surprise, even Chase.

"Explain." he said quickly and Kez frowned. "I...I saw lines of light, different coloured ones and I pulled them." she faltered at the look on his face.

"You are indeed powerful." he murmured and then some of the Sisters and Monks appeared from nowhere once again at the wave of his hand.

"Take the new arrivals and prepare them for training. I will begin tomorrow, starting with you Aislin." he pointed at the girl and she gave a start.

"How do you know my name?" she gasped and his eyes flashed with blue light. "Aislin, Saigo, Mino." he pointed at each of them. "Red Warrior, Silver Warrior, Gold Warrior."

"Warriors of what?" The one he named as Mino took a step forward, a little too near Kez and Chase was between them in an instant. "Warriors of Light." he growled. "Just because you were born of the prophecy does not mean I trust you directly to be within three feet of Mistress Kerashimidezyavadesh just yet."

Kez looked apologetically at him as if to say "I have no idea what he's talking about either." and Mino bowed slightly. "You move like the wind Sire, might I ask your name?"

Chase stood up to his full height, which was about 6ft 5. "You can call me Chase."

The End

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