Assassin Line

Aislin watched from the branch that she was sitting on as the group of riders stopped below her, their deep green cloaks whipping gently around them from the slight breeze that ran in between the trees. They were glancing around wildly and their horses stomping their hooves nervously, snorting in distress.

Aislin eased the bow of her back and gently knocked an arrow into place, she moved her position to get a better stance. Closing one eye she drew the bow string back to under her chin. Tensing her arm muscles and slowing her breathing down, Aislin lined up her first target, her arrow tip slightly under where she was aiming for. A sense of calmness fell over her, like the calmness of the sea before a great storm, all she had to do was release her index and middle finger and the horseman in her sight would be dead before he touched the ground, an arrow protruding from his chest.

Aislin was a trained killer, her skills with the bow plus her loss of emotions made Aislin the best assassin money could buy, but even she knew when to count her blessings. Another group of armed men were waiting only a few paces away and Aislin could not guarantee that the three men below her would die quietly.

She untensed her muscles and let the bow string go slack, she kept the arrow placed for a quick draw though. Her startling red eyes watched as the horsemen moved on, their horses all to eager to get away from the danger that they had felt when Aislin had drew her bow.

Even though she was only sixteen Aislin was wanted by the Kingdom for various assassinations to their corrupt council. No one had payed Aislin for that, she did what would benefit her in the long run. She waited a while longer before putting the arrow back into her quiver and moving out of her stance, that consisted of have one leg anchored under the branch of the tree and the other with the flat of it's foot on the branch. Keeping her bow close at hand Aislin scaled down the tree and glanced around, watching for any tell tale signs of movement. She moved forward with the stealth of a Lynx and worked her way through the dense forest.

A strip of white hair streaked with red fell into Aislin's eyes, she tucked it back into the hat she was wearing to cover the easily visible hair. For some reason, Aislin was moving further into the forest instead of evading the soldiers hunting her. Aislin ducked suddenly, dropping to the ground just as an arrow whizzed straight through where her head had been two second before, it caught the top of her hat and tugged it off her head, landing, quivering, in the trunk of a tree.  Aislin's long white hair fell down with strips of brilliant red mixed in. Her hair fell past her shoulders and lay there like a beacon for all to see.

She cursed under her breath and drew an arrow, releasing it just as quick. Aislin heard something fall to the ground with a thump from the where she had just shot, blood seeped out from under the bush, collecting in a bloody puddle. Aislin got up and turned to run, another arrow flew past her ear catching her on the cheek drawing blood.

A man stepped in front of her and, without missing a beat, Aislin spun a full circle, cutting the man down with her bow. Aislin heard more men crashing through the trees behind her and knew that she should be trying to escape, but instead she kept running toward the center of the forest.

Aislin came to a clearing that announced that she had reached the center of the forest, she slowed down panting slightly. She knelt on the soft grass, that tickled her bare legs, and stabbed five arrows, point down, into the ground so that she could reach them quickly. Aislin then knocked another into her bow, she slowed her breathing down and drew the bow string, training her sight on the place where the men would emerge.

A soft wind glided across the clearing and seemed to gather behind Aislin. Aislin didn't lose focus but something was tugging at the back of her mind. The first man emerged and Aislin released the bow string. The arrow flew true and hit him straight between the eyes, burying itself shallowly into the mans head.

Aislin snatched up the five arrows, turning around to where the breeze had gathered and taking a step forward. A cool wave flowed over Aislin's skin and the next thing she knew she was standing in a garden. Aislin turned around in time to see two grand oak doors closing behind her. Aislin still had her bow in hand. Someone put their hand on her shoulder and she whipped round grabbing the person wrist, putting their arm behind them and drawing the bow up under their chin, gently pressing against their wind pipe.

"Who are you?" She hissed into the person's ear, ignoring the feeble attempts they made to get free.

The End

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