The First Warrior

Chase left the sisters to tend to Kez and strode out into the sunlight of the Monastery. He picked up Kez's sword and handed it to a passing monk. "Have this cleaned and returned to me please Brother."

The monk took it wordlessly and nodded to Chase before disappearing off into another building. They were still a bit shaken from the appearance of a creature of Dark on the grounds earlier. Chase frowned and twisted the large silver scorpion ring he wore on his left hand. He hadn't expected her to be so powerful. And the fact that she knew nothing of her power only made it more complicated. He closed his eyes for a moment and smiled. He remembered when he was 14 and his father had placed the blue light sword in his hands. That day he had sworn to find the last Daughter of the Light and though nobody had believed him, he had always believed in himself.

Chase walked through the Zen Gardens and sat down beside a pond, closing his eyes and trying to focus on the thread lines of the Warriors. Each one was a different colour and he tried to figure out which was the nearest one as they all kept blending into one another.

He caught a purple one and pulled it a little towards him with his mind. The sensation of running and fear filled his mind and he quickly stood up, not letting go of the thread of energy as he made is way to the Monastery gates. One of the warriors was in trouble, her name was Aja.

Standing in front of them he slowly raised both hands and pulled on the invisible thread sharply. The gates opened for a moment, giving a brief glimpse into an alley and the faces of two shocked men before they slammed shut and Chase leant over the girl lying in a heap on the ground.

"Are you ok Aja?" he asked and she gasped and scrambled to her feet, pressing her back against the wall.

"How do you know my name?" she spluttered as she stared around her in a mixture of fear and surprise. "Where am I?"

Chase nodded to himself and clicked his fingers, summoning several Sisters of the Light to his side. "Take care of her, I will explain everything to her in due time."

"Wait!" Aja called to him. "Where am I?"

Chase frowned for a moment and then looked straight into her eyes. "Home."

He turned and left, the cloak once again billowing around him almost like a cloud.

The End

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