Xeena: introduction

She sleeps and dreams of fire for many days under the light monk's care, until she is ready to meet Chase. Awake and sorry to be so because of her burns, she meets him in the garden. Right then she sees that they will not get along- he, an icy wind of evil come to take her flickering jewels, and she queen of light and warmth and good,  but she goes along with the formalities of being a guest. They talk of her accident, and she lies about a car fire and lets a tear trickle down. She is told of the place she is in, and her significance. She is, natrualy, shocked, but only can have one question- "can you use light powers or whatever to make fire?", she says. Chase doesn't know. She will find out, she says, and begins to walk away.

"wait!" Now he sounds annoyed, but intruiged. He wants to know if she has a skill. "like what?" Xeena responds. All the others are skilled assasins or amazing with a certian weapon, he explains. What about you, he says. 

This is arguably the moment when Xeena sees her role in such a band. She is the missionary, obviously, to these pour, deprived souls: she will learn to control light fire (for why would she be here if there weren't something of the sort), and she will gently guide them to the better path in their quest. 

Realizing, however, that chase would not be a good person to explain this to right off. His glance made her feel COLD, and so she left him in the dark with her final, most blatantly obvious lie. She didn't have a talent, she said, except for cooking.

A black cat crossed the path behind her.


Why, Xeena would ask herself later, was she afraid of a boy, what, 10 years younger than herself? Why did she feel unwelcome? had she done something before she collapsed that night in Mershin  that was bad?

The End

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