Merishin Monastery

8 young people find out that they are Warriors of light and have to learn about their power and then journey to the summit of Light. Add some really cool scenery, hopefully a few tigers, an angry monk or two and yeah... that's a good summary!

She stood in front of the giant wooden gates and raised her hand to knock. Maybe someone in here could help her escape the things which followed her. The journey had been a long harsh one and it frightened her that she had actually gone in search of a place from a dream.

The wind was bitterly cold and it bit into her skin as she pulled the flimsy cloak around her in a futile attempt to keep herself warm. She was different from the rest of her people and they believed her to be the daughter of one of their gods. She was found floating offshore in a small makeshift boat as a baby, the only thing that gave her a clue to her identity was the sword that had been found with her and a piece of parchment with her name and date of birth on it, also the fact that her hair was pure white with green streaks through it and her eyes were green with golden colour flecks, unlike the brown haired, brown eyed people of the region.

The gate creaked open and she cautiously slipped through the small gap and it slammed shut behind her making her jump out of her skin. Inside the gates was like walking into a different world. The sun was shining and flowers filled the gardens, birds twittering, breaking the eerie silence. There was no sign of the snow that she had been standing in only moments before.

"Hello?" she called and her voice echoed back to her.

She took several steps forward and finally fatigue overcame her and she fell to her knees, the sword she had held under her arm clattered to the ground loudly, skittering across the cobbles until it came to rest at the feet of a tall man wearing a hooded cloak that covered his face.

He slowly bent to pick it up and held it thoughtfully in his hands as he inspected it. It was a katana of sorts, but it was covered in delicate green engravings of strange symbols. She tried to climb to her feet but her energy was draining steadily from her like sand from an hourglass.

"Please." she gasped. "That's mine." and she held out her hand to him.

In a heartbeat he was at her side, his arm around her waist, holding her up and staring into her eyes while he held the sword in his other hand. "Where did you get this?" his voice was a whisper and she stared up at him, able to see his face now. His eyes were the brightest blue she had ever seen and his hair was white with blue streaks and it was very messy. Some of it was coming down into his eyes, eyes that stared into her very soul. "My father told me about this sword. This belonged to the Princess of Light." he glared. "Now where did you get it?!"

"It's mine." she felt like crying and her energy fell further as she sagged against him. "They found it with me in the boat when I was a baby."

His gaze softened and he dropped the sword and grabbed her by the shoulders with both hands and held her steady. "Look at me." he ordered and she did so, struggling to keep her eyes open. "How old are you?" he asked and she mumbled her reply. "Almost 18."

"And your name?" he tightened his grip on her and she almost cried out in pain. "Kez." she choked and he frowned. "That's your full name?"

"No. They found a parchment with my name and my birthday on it in the boat but none of them could ever pronounce it except for one man so they all called me Kez."

He crouched down to her level and stared deep into her eyes. "What date is your birthday?"

"The first day of the sun months." she whispered, mesmerized by his gaze.

"And your full name?" he held her gaze and she felt the last of her strength about to leave her. "Keras...." she began and then her eyes closed and she gave a deep sigh before collapsing in his arms.

"Kerashimidezyavadesh." he muttered and her eyelids fluttered. "You already knew." she mumbled before sinking into complete unconsciousness.

He gently lifted her into his arms and it was then that people began to appear from nowhere. Monks walking around the yard and some of the Sisters approached him. "Is she the one Master Chase?" one of them asked tentatively and he nodded.

"The Daughter of Light has returned to us." he looked down at the girl in his arms "She looks exactly like I expected she would." a shadow of something crossed his face, something almost like pain. "She is weak from her journey. I can give her energy for a while but we must gather the light warriors to bring her back to the summit where she will receive the true power."

There was a bang and a scream from several of the sisters as a strange creature scrambled it's way to the top of the wall and over into the courtyard. Chase gently lowered Kez onto the ground and then stepped between the creature and the people of the monastery.

"Step aside fool." it hissed at him.

"Make me." Chase drew his sword and it was covered in etchings of blue symbols.

The creature recoiled in horror. "You are an Assassin of the Light." it shrieked before turning, and running back to the wall in a desperate attempt to scale it and escape.

Chase muttered something under his breath and flicked a hand out toward the creature. It burst into flame as a bolt of blue light hit it and in seconds it had vaporised into nothing.

Chase turned to the onlookers and sheathed his sword.

"Move the Monastery." he ordered and then he picked Kez up in his arms and walked into a nearby building, his cloak swishing around him.

The End

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