I heard a story about three incidents that happened to three handsome guys. Sadly, they are all morons! They have taken upon themselves to be incredibly STUPID! They all survived, but they sure had to learn. 

One guy was asleep in his bedroom. The phone rang in the old ring tone. He answered the phone. This type of mistake will cost him. No one told him his name; even after he asked. So, his dumb butt should know two things about this unknown caller. This could either be a crank call or a set up! This fool decided to drive down to his Doughnut shop to see if anyone was trying to break in. It was night and dark, and he went to the back way ally. It was a lot darker than it was out in the front. Next thing he knew, he was the white Jewish version of Rodney King. Four or five black guys jumped him. He fell down the steps passed out. Well! The so so news was no cops were involved.

The next story is this idiot; who had just got out of prison. He was sitting at home. He was watching TV. His hair was a mess, he was in a procrastination mode, and he whined about a future rock and roll star on TV. I don't know if he was talking to himself or talking to somebody else. But I am sure they were getting sick and tired of his lazy butt. Also, that person decided to call the mental institution on him the next day. Because he claimed that the water in a bath tub was trying to make contact with him. Bro! Get some help!

This third story was about this dull jerk. Playing "Roll the Dice" game with two other guys. That was his favorite game. And he tried to steal money from them. That was a no no in their book. And to make matters worse, this dumb idiot pulled out the wrong weapon of choice. Folks, a harmonica will not, I repeat, WILL NOT protect him from brutal attacks. Which he has received. Well, he deserved it! I rest my case!

So that is my story. I am so glad that NOT everybody ended up like them. Otherwise, the world will have a meltdown!  

The End

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