Kathy 'Kitty' Whiskers

(Pop..... Corn = Yummy Food and America!)

"Pop you stupid Popcorn! POP!!" I yell at the microwave as the bag of microwave popcorn spins silent inside. I sit down in the chair letting my fingers drum against the table.

"Having trouble with something, baby cakes" My boyfriend Max says walking into the kitchen. He looks at me then the microwave and sighs. He presses a button and the microwave begins to hum. "You're meant to press the start twice on this one"

He kisses the top of my head then goes over to the fridge pulling out a beer and opening it. "Oh, you also got mail" he says back to me.

I jump up and skip into the hallway where a letter is sitting on the mat of the door. "You could have picked it up!" I yelled.

"Ain't my place!" He calls back. His head pokes out of the kitchen door as I turn back round with the envelope. "Even though I would like to live with you"

I smile and shake my head. Then I open the envelope. My eyes skim the letter getting wider and wider. "What is it?" Max asks.

"I'm going to America!" I yell jumping at him. "And you get to come too my sexy bf" I kiss him on the lip and I'm full with happiness.

America!!! Music!!! EPIC!!!

The End

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