Sunday. Thank the lord! Been out all this darn week, singing my butt off, at stupid teenagers screaming "encore encore!" God, they didn't give my voice a break. Either way, they are the people who keep my career going, and thus keep food on the table, something the numerous "men" of the house found it impossible to do.

Jerry (also known as dad) was way too old to work long hours. His job started at 9 in the morning, and ended by lunch time. and my five brothers, are like bears during hibernation....dormant!

As I shifted in bed, I turned to look at the clock. It was only 12:30, I had a few more hours of sleep. Just as I cuddled up to my pillow, Carl has got to bang in! I swear, with the noise he makes, one would think he's a freaking hippo on steroids!

"SISTER!! WAKE UP!! NOW!!!" He yells in my ear.

"I’m off today, idiot!" I through the pillow on his face. 

"GET OFF YOUR ARSE!!" He yells, shaking me violently.

I could have screamed! I bolted of, ready to sock him in the eye, only to be met by five very anxious and slightly creepy looking smiling faces. That’s brother's for you!

"You got mail!" They said in chorus. Had they been rehearsing this?!

"I took the liberty of opening it for your majesty!"  Carl passed the crumpled up letter in his hand.

"You touched my mail!!??" I could feel the blood boiling in my veins.

"READ!" Jamie, my oldest brother ordered. I didn't like his tone. He was the only one of my brother's who could actually scar me. Slowly picking at the crumbled piece of paper, I began to read. The boy’s smiles widened, as my jaw dropped lower.

"I’m...I’m going to America!" I could barely believe my eyes. A tour...musical geniuses...AMERICA!

"BEAR HUG!!" Jackson (my younger brother) yelled as the entire pack of slovenly bears toppled on top of me, messing my hair, clothes, bed, and room in a whole.  Even through the hugging, and hair ruffling and punching and air guitar-ing and juice throwing, toast whacking, finger-sword fighting, etc, all I could think of was one place, one dream place. I was going to make it there, at last, my big break..... America!


The End

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