Bonnie - Country Life

(Country Life - Show Of Hands)

I don't know when I started singing. It's always been there, I think - right from the very beginning. Dad says it's in my blood.

Everything was going OK until Rogues broke up. We didn't want to, but Charlie's voice went, and we couldn't keep going without him. Now I'm just kinda floating, waiting for something to come along.

Or at least, I was. Until the letter this morning. Now I go from excitement to nerves in seconds. My thoughts feel like a roundabout.

'Bonnie - thought you would be interested. Gladys.' read the note from my agent that came with the letter. I pushed the note away and began to read.

'Bonnie Travers' the letter read. 'We have decided to place out top performers in each genre together in a tour. This is to promote unity in music - something we know you too wish for. Should you wish to accept, you and your fellow performers will begin rehearsals on the first of next month. If the tour is as successful as we hope, a series of albums may be released.'

So. What now? I mean, obviously I'm going for it. A singer, no work particularly, approached by a company to go on tour... I'm not worried about what the others think of me. I mean, in a world where most people sing pop or something, we folk singers have to hold our own. It stands to reason. I'm sure it'll be fine.


At least, I hope it will...

The End

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