Kiera: Great Expectations

[Great Expectations- The Gaslight Anthem]

When I was a little girl growing up in the heart of Los Angeles, I dreamed of the day that I would become famous. Someday, I swore, it would be my face on magazine covers. My voice spilling over the radio. My name echoing through a sold-out club.

I never thought that dream would come true. But then, they say that miracles happen every now and then, and I suppose I must have wished on some pretty lucky stars, because by seventeen, my wish had become reality. Honestly, I couldnt even begin to describe the long ascending journey to the top. Being a starlet was everything I'd expected and more. Watching a hundred-thousand bodies moving to a beat that I'd created...there was nothing that could compare.

But anyways, enough about me. This story isnt even about me, really. It's about them. The other big names. The competition. The people single-handedly responsible for ruining my life. It all started when...


"A toast to Kiera. Congrats on her new album going platinum in a week!" A collective cheer rang throughout the room, but it was quickly drowned out in a pulsating beat and a grand display of strobe lights. A wide grin spread across my face as I took a lengthy sip of my Glass Slipper. The drink was my signiture. Worthy of a princess.

The club Panacea was violently too hyped. I pushed my way through the crowds, my only comfort knowing that I was never fully out of sight of my bodyguard Presley. Somewhere in the masses was my boyfriend of the hour, a sexy model I'd picked up at a photo shoot. But the place was crawling with reporters and paparazzi, and in all honestly I was in the mood for nothing more than catching a limo back to my penthouse.

Dont get me wrong; I was probably the happiest person in the world right then. But sometimes even the best needed a break. Pushing back a strand of platinum blonde hair, I scanned the crowds once more for anyone that would have been worth stopping for. But, I thought, they were all there to see me.

One might think that I'd have felt it before it happened. But then, the world seldom gave warning that it was turning. No, that night set in motion both the best and worst experiences of my life. And as I crawled into the back of my limo, thinking of nothing but the kind-sized bed awaiting me in my penthouse, I couldnt even tell. I didnt even know.

The End

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