Melody and Harmony

*Pre-decided Collab*
To promote unity, a record label places their top performer in each genre on tour together...

We're at it again with another collaboration!

Read and rate, but please dont hate...Leave a commet if you think its great...And most of all please enjoy...This collab by four girls and one boy! [Did I EVER claim to be a poet?]

 LiesAndCatchyHooks: Kiera: Techno

Xenie: Xannia: Punk

Westrina: Bonnie: Country

CrystalRose: Kitty: Pop

Misfit: Apollo: Metal

When these five talented musicians get thrown together into one masive tour, what chaos will ensue?

Note: Every chapter title is a song name :)

Thanks to all the wonderful Protag family members who have taken time to get us where we are on this site <33 WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

The End

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