Meeting Bailey

This is a true story bout how I met my girl

Matt walked into the foyer of the church and looked around. Teenagers were milling this way and that, but nobody he knew. Of course why would there be anyone he knew? He hardly knew anyone here. All his friends were far away, across the ocean. Yeah, sure he knew one or two people here and they were nice and all, but they just weren’t all that close friends yet, and he couldn’t find them now anyways.

            A flash of orange caught his attention and he saw a girl standing in the middle of the hall. Just standing there. She was really pretty. I should go up and talk to her, she almost looks as lost as me.

            Yeah, but she’s a complete stranger…it won’t be easy…what am I going to do? Just go up to her and be like “Hi! My name is Matt!” She’ll think I’m some kind of stalker or weirdo or something.

            Matt sighed, then he caught sight of someone he did know, at least a little, he couldn’t remember the guy’s name but he recognized the face. And at least he was a guy, less strange than going up to a random girl and saying hi. That last bit made up his mind and he walked over to the reception desk where the boy was talking with some other teens. Quietly, Matt pulled himself up onto the counter and sat down, taking a part in the conversation without saying anything. Just listening really. But at least he wasn’t wandering around alone. That always made him feel like such a loner. Not that he wasn’t but that didn’t mean he had to feel like one.

            About five minutes later Matt got bored of sitting in on the conversation and quietly slipped away again. Maybe Ryan or Dominic were around the building somewhere. After a few minutes of walking to nowhere in particular with a purpose a voice caught Matt as he was moving along. “Hey Matt!”

            After looking around for a second Matt found the source of the voice. It was Kirsten. “Oh, hey Kirsten,” he replied as he walked over to Kirsten. Kirsten grinned at him from under her beanie’s brim but just as she was about to say something the announcement that the talent show was about to begin. “Come on we better head into the gym,” Matt said, motioning toward the gym with his head.

Kirsten followed him as he trotted off at a brisk walk toward the gym. As they entered the room Kirsten suddenly charged and tackled someone in the room. As the two girls got up Matt realized with a start that Kirsten’s laughing victim was the pretty red-head from before. Maybe now he could meet her, Matt thought with a wry smile, wishing he could have the courage to go up and talk to random girls without an excuse. Kirsten dragged her friend back to Matt and they all sat down together. Kirsten actually forced Matt to be in the middle, even though he felt a little awkward sitting between two girls. Kirsten immediately demanded Matt’s ring and began playing with it, setting off nervous laughs from both Matt and the redheaded girl who had been introduced to Matt as Bailey.

After laughing at both each other and the first few acts in the talent show Bailey passed her phone over to Kirsten and Kirsten typed something and handed it back. Matt sighed to himself and sat back in his seat, pretending he didn’t notice or care. It hurt him a little bit that they would talk over him like that, but he didn’t know either of them very well. He didn’t know anyone in the country very well…so he just sat back and watched the show as the phone was passed over him again and again. Eventually Kirsten leaned toward Matt and whispered conspiratorially in his ear, “Bailey likes you.” Matt pulled away in surprise. But Kirsten pulled him back again. “You can’t tell her, she’ll kill me.”

Matt half smiled. “Don’t worry I won’t.” She doesn’t really like me anyways, it’s way to early to be able to tell something like that. She just thinks I’m cute…though no one has ever told me that either, except my grandma, but she doesn’t count. It was a very flattering thought.

After the talent show was over the trio got up and moved nearer the exits, but didn’t leave. They stayed a little longer and talked about random stuff. “So, any of you going to homecoming?” Matt asked, slightly embarrassedly as he thought about the upcoming homecoming at his school. He knew both girls were from another school so he probably wasn’t going to ask either to homecoming...but he was still curious and it was a good way to keep the conversation alive.

“My friends are making me go this year,” Bailey replied with a wry smile.

“Well that’s good,” I replied with a smile, “at least you get to experience it.” Bailey smiled and nodded.

Later that night Matt was at home and on Facebook when Kirsten instant messaged him. “Has Bailey asked you to go to homecoming with her yet?”

“What?” Matt asked curiously, he had just added Bailey as a friend and was chatting with her but nothing had come up about that.

“You should ask her about it.”

Just as Matt received that message he received another one from Bailey about homecoming. It wasn’t a direct question but Matt could tell that she was leading up to asking him, so Matt decided to let her work her way around to it. It took about five minutes before Bailey got around to asking and Matt accepted very quickly.

“I was wondering when you were going to get around to asking that, Kirsten told me you were going to ask,” Matt said with a huge grin on his face, though Bailey couldn’t see it.

The conversation didn’t continue on much longer as it was late and Matt had to go to bed. So ended the day of the beginning, September 7th2011.

The End

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