Lucas: nightmaresMature

After the blast of the past from Kim, I slunk off as the others munched on the last of my food. After wandering around for a bit, I found myself in the dark, looking over the main hall of the warehouse, standing on an iron walkway, behind me was the old office, the door was still working, but the windows were all boarded up. The space was a fair size. I returned to the gang, who smiled at me mellowly. “I’ve found my room. I’ll be in the old office, you’re welcome to the last of my food, I suggest for now we keep our cash stashed.” I lugged my belongings, mainly the salavage, up to the room, setting out a sleeping area, and laying out my slavage and work kit in a corner under the open bag. I slipped hte money into three locations. One between two overlapping boards on the window. Another into the bottom of the tool box I’d swiped, under a rag. The third into my spare socks. I curled up in the corner, staring at the closed door. Eventually I dosed off, falling into the deepest sleep I’d had in ages. The others made me feel safe, first people I’ve felt I could trust in so many months. I dreamt. Bad move.


I lurched forward, screaming, pawing at the darkness, his hands on me, the pain, her cries. After I gathered myself and my eyes began to adjust I shuffled into the corner, wrapping my sleeping bag around me, I felt the tears falling down my cheeks, uncontroable shudders running through my body. I heard the door open, light shone in. The concerned faces of the others looking in at me. I looked away covering my face, embaraced.

“Sam?” came the sensative voice of Minamie. “What’s the matter” I didn’t say anything, not even when he slumped down next to me, the other two on my other side. I felt an arm close around my shoulders and pull me
in, I let it. I put my head into his shoulder, I stared at a strand of his hair.


“Want to talk about it?” Aph said I sniffed


“No, not yet. Thanks” Eventually the silence became oppreseive, Kim whispered


“I think he’s asleep”


“Yeah, lets let him sleep” They went to leave, but my hand closed around Minamie’s


“Stay. Please.” I whispered his hand tightened and he snuggled down next to me. I put the sleeping bag around us.


“Is this your way of piking me up?” he sniggered. I looked into his eyes, and moved a little closer.


“could be”


The End

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