Aphrodite: Find A New HomeMature

"I'm going to go find a new place for us to crash . Our current place is getting a little too crowded." I said with a smile . I didn't really care if someone came with me so I just walked out of the tent after pulling my hair into a high ponytail. I walked out of the alley and onto a kind of empty street. I had no idea where I was. This area was completely alien to me. I sighed and took a right , walking as far away from the beach as possible.

I turned down a nearly empty street that had a few empty shops that seemed to be up for sale. They didn't seem like people would want to buy them , this wasn't a very good place for any shops. I continued down the street and found a dirt road that seemed to have an old building at the end. There were trees all along the street, making it a very good street to have a "safehouse". I looked at the building which seemed to be an old warehouse. It had two stories, and most of the windows were boarded up. I walked around the side to find a door. Opening the door, I walked inside.

It was pitch black so I kept the door open to let some light in. I walked around and noticed it was completely empty. "Hello?" I called, listening to my voice echo and then die out. I didn't get a response so I left, and walked back to our current area to tell Kimberly that I found a spot . Then we waiedt for Sam and Minami to get back .

The End

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