Minami: A MeetingMature

The man woke me up and told me that we were in L.A. I was happy but sort of lonesome since I didn't know anybody. Well that's why I go and meet people. I walked down streets, not know where I was going. I was completely lost and I tried asking people directions but they just took one look at me and walked right past. I was walking near a beach when I saw a couple of cute guys. I asked them if there was a map anywhere. They looked at me and laughed.

"Haha, look at him. He's so puny." He said to his friend. "And what's up with your hair? Are you albino or sumthin?" He insulted me.

"Well you see, I am albino and I'm short because I have short parents. It's called genetics, you doorknobs. And just because you guys are hot doesn't mean you can go around at be jerks to someone who's not from here." I walk away.

I saw an alley and I was really bored so I decided to do some exploring. I was walking down the alley looking for things that might be useful for my survival in this world, but no luck. I looked in dumpsters, big piles of trash and finally I saw a tarp. I thought maybe somebody left something there so I decided to check it out. I looked in and I was attacked.

 "Ah! What's going on?" I shouted. I was pinned to the ground by another boy who had long brown hair. I liked it, what I didn't like is that he was making me defenseless and I was embarrassed because of the two girls staring at me.

"Who're you?" the girl with long burgundy hair questioned.

"I'm Minami Hine." I looked at the boy who was pinning me down, "Can you get off me, please." I smile cutely. 

I explain to them my reason for running away and they gladly let me stay with them. I was grateful but I probably was just a nuisance since I couldn't do anything and I only had 20$  with me but I wasn't sure if Canadian money worked in America, but it must be worth something here. 

"Excuse me? I have a question." I ask the girl who said her name was Kimberly. "Does Canadian money work here? I only have Canadian money." She shook her head.

So I guess I am completely useless. But I like to explore and maybe I can find things that might benefit for us. Well I guess it depends on what region were in and what supplies we can find. I suggested we go look for things and they all agreed. 

"You know what, Minami? I think you're pretty smart." The boy who's name is Sam, complimented me. 

"Really? I don't think so." I blush. "We should start going while it's still early."

The End

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