"Hello Aphrodite I'm Sam" she raised her eyebrow at my accent.

"Fancy voice for a runaway" she said cockily, I wasn't too pleased with her walking around my setup like it belonged to her. I raised my eyebrow, offering her a biscuit. She took it and I glanced at her freind, who was standing akwardly at the entrance to the hovel.

"And you are?" I ignored her comment on my voice. She straightened


"A pleasure" Eventually the two of them setteled in and I invited them to share the hovel, they accepted understandably warily. After we finished eating I washed the cooking stuff and stowed it with some of the other stuff, leaving the rest in my secret place behind the dumpster. I finally went to sleep, the iron bar clutched to my chest.

I was startled awake as I heard something clatter, I swung the iron bar blindly it cracked against the dumpster siding making a terrible racket, the girls jumped to attention, by this time I had the white haired boy pinned to the ground, he looked rather cute. "Who're you!" Aph said angrily.

The End

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