Lucas: Settleing inMature

I was now regretting taking the car battery, it weighed a ton, but i had plans for it. Eventually i found a shitty little alley. It was filthy, I wrinkled my nose as I made my way round a smelly lump, it stirred and rolled over. Some homeless bum. He didn't have much and stank of booze, poor guy. I moved on further down the alley, luckily it ended round a corner from the street. There no doors in the little enclave here. Perfect.

I set my things down in a corner and found a rubbish bin, I piled what flamables I could in and set it alight. more for the disposal ability than light or the heat. After about two hours of scavenging and cleaning I had cleared the enclave of debris and discovered a rather flat tarmac underneath. I had also found one of those dumpster things it was empty and looked to have been for some time. I pushed it onto its side and shoved it against the far wall, using two poles of rusted metal, one on each corner to hold up the lid. I rested my hands on my hips and smiled, perfect.

I stashed my things inside the suitcase and shoved it behind the dumpster in the gap the wheels had made between the wall. I headed back down the alley, once again ssteeling myself. I stood over the man he was spluttering in his sleep. I didn't have the heart to rob him but I couldn't have him here, so I knelt down, examining him. I noted the neddle marks on his arm. Perfect beyond compare a junkee, he couldn't stay. I shook him awake, and he rushed a knife at me, he was weak i easily pushed his hand to the ground straddling him in the process. I punched him once, and he snarled hurling abuse at me. I ignored him until he calmed down. He stared at me

"If you're gonna rob me, do it" He said, I shook my head pulling $30 out of my back pocket I placed it on his chest.

"For you" I let him go and stood back, he took the cash and stared at me shocked


"You need it, go and get a sandwhich, find a hostel spend the night, just don't come back here Jimmy wants these streets clear of homeless, I'm just an inforcer i don't wanna kill you." I dropped the random name hoping he'd think it was some tough ganger,

"Alright its yours" he ran off then. I returned to my enclave and stared up at the sun before examining it. I decided the suitcase wasn't hidden well enough so I retreived some junk from further up the alley, including some stuff the tramp had left, I set up his makeshift bed and a collection of semi-valuable junk and even two used needles around my camp. I stashed some change under the makeshift pillow. I stood back and admired my handiwork. This way if someone tried to loot my stuff, they'd leave my true valuables in the back. I headed off in search of stuff.

By the end of they day, i'd collected quite a bit, even stolen a toolbox from the back of a workmen's pickuptruck. by the end of the day I'd turned my camp into a proper shelter, with a tarp suspended over the greater roof, held in place by pipes which ran around the three walls above me. I'd also found a disused warehouse about an hour away, i'd only managed to get a chair and a carboard box before i got hungry and i had run out of snacks from the motel. By now I had $438.25 left, not including my diversion money, I had left the $200 hidden in the suitcase, with the rest I headed to the local supermarket, I was pretty clean still, that wouldn't last long. I purchased I cheap cooking pot, thirteen cans of bakebeans, four litres of water, an apple, knife, spork, washable cleaning cloth and some energy bars. With the reamaining cash I filled two carrier bags with cheap junk food, like 'cookies' and choclate bars. Happy I headed to what was now home.

It was pretty dark now, and I was running off the light from the smaller fire I had lit on the ground a little infront of the dumpster, leaving the now non burning barrel in the 90 degree corner of the alley, the rest of my fuel piled up where it'd be dry. I munched on the baked beans I had cooked and a bottle of water as I fiddled with the battery, using a voltmeter I had found in the toolbox to mesure its output, pretty good. I snapped my head up as I heard footsteps in the alley, I reached for one of the iron bars i had used to hold open the bin lid, they were now thrown over its top. I relaxed as  two girls walked round the corner, both with very long hair, little dirty. They looked hungry, I had food to spare, I stood to invite them to share the rest of the tin, and water making sure everything else was well hidden with a glance, i was only going to share what I could spare, that could mean shelter in exchange for more hands.

I stood leaving the pole and waved, calling out

"Hey! need a pitstop?"

The End

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