Aphrodite: Two Is Better Than OneMature

"Well me too. Maybe we can distance ourselves from them together. It gets pretty lonely out here." I said, my voice trying to hide the sadness. I stretched, yawning. It was way too early to be up. If  I was home I would be sleeping in my fluffy white circular bed. The thing I missed most about home was my dog, Moose. He was a white  great dane, and only two years old. I almost took him with me, but I decided if I starve to death there is no point in letting Moose die too.

She smiled and we walked together,  two pretty girls just a little roughed up. Okay, not a little, but still. We could probably clean up and apply for stripping jobs and get in, if we faked being 18. I chuckled to myself silently. Kimberly looked at me and rolled her eyes, and smiled.

I hoped we could find other people, I mean, it's not like I was tired of Kimberly already, its just that I think if there were more of us in a pack, then I wouldn't be as lonely.

Because no matter what I'm still lonely.

The End

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