It was night, I shivered slightly. We were close, the others were in the shipping container behind me, I'd tried to tell them that it was a bad idea, but none of them spoke english, and I spoke no Russian. Lugi came to stand next to me. He was from France, his parents Italian.

"Ready," I asked, zipping up my jumper and pulling the waterproof duffel onto my back. He did the same with his. He was about 23.

"See you on the other side" He said, in a heavy french accent. We both got onto the railing suddenly there was a sharp light.

"Hey you! Who are you get down." A harsh voice yelled, it must have been a crew member checking the ship, we normally had lookouts. Lugi slipped in his panic, falling into the water, I heard the splash then the scream as he was pulled into the wake, he'd be dead. I stepped down from the rails. The man waked up behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder. I gripped his palm and hurled him over the side. He screamed louder than Lugi. But I could see him splashing around. He was bobbing his way to the emergency ladder.

"Crap" I uttered. I took a run up, diving from the terrible height into the sea. It hurt. I came up spluttering, wipping my hair from my face. I pulled the bag out in front of me, the trapped air making it a bouancy aid. I kicked out for the shore.

Ages later, worn out I emerged dripping wet and cold onto the beach. I looked around, far to my right was a peer and to my left was a sea defence. I smiled and made my way off the beach. I found a dark alley and pulled out fresh underwear and a russian band t-shirt. before stuffing the sodden shirt and jumper into another section of the bag. I pulled out the wallet and checked through it. I had just under 200 rubles and 300 dollars. I also had a ten quid note, a phone number scrawlled on the back, my mother's. I walked all night, not knowing where to go, Lugi had planned this bit and he was gone.

I had no idea where I was and my feet were getting angry, the wetness uncomfitable. I needed a bed, and I didn't care how. I hatched a plan, I'd done it before its the preferable option to the alternative. I found a street where prosatutes where working, I loitered, making sure to avioid notive by any of the 'pimps' when they turned up. it wasn't soon before a perv turned up. He wound down the window. I sauntered forward, I'd dumped hte bag and the rotten clothes inside. Hey was fat, bold and ugly.

"How much" he said. I smiled, feigning a russian accent,

"What you want" He looked around nerviously. before opening the door for me. I got in.

He was looking up and down my body, I noticed the wedding ring on his finger. I steeled myself, and pushed my sense of revoulsion down into my stomach. I ran a finger up and down his leg. "Tell you what, we'll head to a motel, and discuss things there" He shuddered as I licked my lip. He didn't seem to care that I looked like hell. I sat quietly for the next handful of minitues while we reached the motel and he took me to the room. as soon as the door and curtains were closed he came up behind me and, urgh I wanted to be sick. I turned and gently pushed him against the wall. He grinned and place his hands on my hips. I grinned and grabbed his head ramming it backwards into the wall twice. He slumped onto the ground and I searched his pockets. I took the wallet and his watch, before pulling his belt off. It was nice leather. I left the ring. Leaveing through the door I searched his car, pocketing the fags and the liter I found there. He also had left a map in the back which I took. I took his suitcase as well, putting my loot in with the papers. Once I was satisfied I had what I wanted I opened the hood and pulled out the battery and a handful of wires. I checked myself in to a slightly nicer hotel down the street, and raided the mini bar, spending about $50.

After a quick shower I dug in to my snacks and started to riffle through his papers, most made little sense, and the rest was stuff about the finaces of some company, nothing of intrest. I put the papers back in the suitcase and pulled the tv off the wall, using a bottle cap to open the screws. I stripped it of wires and anything useful I could get before putting the back on again and fitting it to the wall. after My looting was done I curled up int he bed and went to sleep.

The End

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