It's been a few weeks since everything happened. I couldn't take all the bullying and the threats. I jsut wanted to have a normal life but with me being how I am, I knew I couldn't.

I stuck my thumb out, hoping someone would pick me up. I was miles away from home. I was scared out of my mind but of course who wouldn't be? I was only a teenager and I ran away from my family not because we were fighting or I was raped. It's something that a few of my friend committed suicide from. It was being gay. I already lost about 3 of them and how much more could I lose? Who knows? I didn't want to end up like them so I ran away. I was scared of what my parents would say if they found out.

To my luck someone did pull over. They asked me where I was heading and I said L.A. It's a good thing they were heading that way too. I guess luck was on my side. I was a few states away and I knew I could make it with help. The reason why I wanted to go to L.A.? Well, who doesn't want to go there? I hear it's awesome there. Though I'm from Canada so I can only imagine what's there.

I already used the money I had for food. I wasn't rich either, so running away was hard. I was very tired and fell asleep the moment I sat down. I have a long journey.

The End

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