Finally, A Runaway TeenMature

I stood, my foot against a wall, scratching my eyes, when I saw someone. A girl, and she looked like a runaway. "Hey." I called, hoping she would answer. I haven't talked to anyone in about a week, and it was really annoying. I bet this girl hadn't talked to anyone in a while either.

I sighed, looking around the alley. It wasn't the same alley I had slept in, a different one, a little nicer. The trashcans weren't tipped over, and there was only a little bit of graphiti. It's not like I was in a nicer neighborhood or anything, it could be because I was by a police station. Not like it was right in front of me or anything, it was a block down the street, maybe more, maybe less. Either way that wasn't the way I was headed.

The girl was very pretty,  she had wavy brown hair, and was about as tall as me, maybe a little taller. From her face she looked about two years older than me. She had blue eyes, but I couldn't tell what shade. I may have 20/20 eyesight, but she was about ten yards away. Eyes are tiny.

I looked in my bag for a bag of cheetos, and luckily found them. I had stolen about twenty dollars from my dad, and had fifteen already. I was doing pretty good, although I needed to go get some coffee or something.

The End

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