The Past Is The Past...Except When It Comes Knocking At Your Door...

I paused for a second, considering how to put it. It was hardly my fault, and it was just the right thing to do.  He was evil!

 "Asha, you have to believe me when I say this, and remember that he's evil. I didn't mean for it to happen. But what happened was, I was almost dying of thirst. David was the person that trained me to be a vampire, and it was probably the first time I'd ever let my thirst get that bad.

 "David went to get me some food, and when he came back, I was too thirsty to notice that it was just a small teenager. Called-"

 "Jessica?!" Asha gasped. I nodded,

 "Jessica. I saw what he'd made me drink, and got angry. I attacked him. I didn't hit him hard --well, it didn't feel hard-- but obviously, it was hard enough to kill him, because after a few days, I found out that he was dead. But now, he's here. For revenge. But I don't understand why he's alive."

 "I do..." Kyoshiro spoke up. We looked at him, waiting.

 "You did kill him, but vampires before the crucifixion were able to come back, but with less strength. They have to train to get their strength. That's how David is back." Kyoshiro stated.

The End

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