Back To The Beginning..

I ran upstairs to check on Elena and she was still sleeping. I sat by her bed, listening to the conversation below. Kyoshiro and Jay were talking about what to do with Elena while we were gone. There were very few people Jay and I trusted and even less who we could leave her with. And there was the fact that I didn't want to leave her.

Leaving the room reluctantly, I went back down to them. There was an idea forming in my mind, it was possible that we could take Elena to the Mansion. It might not be totally safe, but there were people there we could trust and who would be able to take care of her. Plus we could get from the Council to there in less than a day if we needed to.

Listening to their thoughts,  Kyoshiro was already planning an attack on the Council; but like me-Jay was more concerned about Elena.

"Why is this guy after you Jay?" I spoke from the doorway and both of them turned in suprised. "What happened between you two?"

The End

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