Okay...Um...Now What?

We both stared at Asha. I let out a sigh through clenched teeth, and Kyo sat down on a leather settee. Asha looked guiltily at me. I arched my eyebrows, walking over to her. I half expected her to wince as I got near her, but she trusted me enough. I hung my arm loosely around her shoulders.

 "That's behind us now. I don't blame you for the Shadow any more; I blame Zelthar. You don't need to look so guilty." I laughed. Asha smiled.

 "Thank you, Jay." She replied, leaning her head on my collar bone. I stroked her hair.

 "Okay, not to break up the mushy moment" I hadn't heard him use words like that before... "But we have a sword to find." He continued. I nodded and Asha zoomed upstairs, probably to check on Elena.

 "Where shall we start?" I asked Kyoshiro. He thought for a while.

 "Well, we can't take young Elena. She must be put somewhere; with someone you trust."

 I thought. Who could we give her to to take care of. My first choice would've been Kyoshiro, but he was coming with us. We needed his help in this...mission. So who?

The End

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