Not An Easy Task

"Asha, Jay. What is you're problem? Jay told me the jist, but I don't really know who he is or what his powers are. Hello, my dear." He concluded, always polite. Asha smiled, breaking off to sit down. I sat down next to her, laying my arm around her shoulders.

 "He's over there. His name is Daniel Hale." Asha gasped at his last name. "He is a very old vampire and I think he was there at Jesus' birth. He can only be killed in one special way. He told me once...but I just can't remember..." I said, trailing off, letting my memories of Daniel take over. He told me once, I knew that, but I just couldn't remember that time! It was always the most important memories that I forgot. I groaned in defeat.

 "I think I know what to do. See if I can jog your memory a bit. Did he say anything about the sword of Balthazaar?" Kyoshiro asked, eyebrows raised. I thought rang a bell. I frowned.

 "Wait...Yeah!" I said. Asha's eyes widened.

 "I knew you would. It's the only only way to kill vampires that lived before the crucifixion." Kyoshiro smiled.

The End

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