Give Her Back

Jay flitted through the open window, faster than I had ever seen him move. I kept pace with him, opening my mind and searching for the sound of our daughter's thoughts. We both stopped at the same time. Some stranger had our daughter in his hands. My anger flared and I held my swords poised.

 "David?"  Jay sounded winded, like it was the last person he expected.  He filled me in via our link and I scowled.

"Jay." David's voice sounded like he had been yelling for a very long time.

"Get your hands off my daughter." I snarled, seeing that Elena was unconcious. My hands tightened on the swords. All I could see was our daughter in danger, which set every nerve in my body singing in urgency. I had to have her back, safe with us. There was nothing else.

David laughed and Jay put his arm on mine to stop me launching myself at him. My muscles quivered with restraining myself. I just wanted my daughter, mine and Jay's daughter.

"You're messing with the wrong couple here. Do you have any idea who I am? Let alone what my husband is truly capable of?" My eyes were fixed on Elena, who still hadn't moved.

"I'm truly sorry, but you married the wrong guy, miss. He left me for dead. Now I take everything he holds dear."

"No!" the scream burst out of me before I could bite my tounge. David had hardly turned.

"Jay, do something, please."

The End

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