A Peaceful Life

Jay opened the door to our beautiful house and Elli ran in, laughing in delight. I went to go after her, but Jay caught me, pulling me in for a long kiss.

"Welcome home, Mrs. Hale." He said, smiling the crooked smile I adored.

"And a very nice welcome home that was." I laughed, laying my head on his chest. The house and the huge grounds around it were so peaceful, it had seeped into both Jay and I. We were happy here and it felt safe to let Ellie wander around our house and some of the grounds without any fear that others would come to threaten her or us. It had done both Jay and I a lot of good to finally be free of the threats and bad memories that had plagued us at Vampire Mansion. Here, it was us and our perfect family.

Jay and I walked through to a huge, open-plan living room. One wall was glass, allowing brilliant sunlight to stream into the room and giving breath-taking views of the grounds, where there was a forest and a lake in the distance, a long stretch of open meadows close to the house. The room had another wall given over to our home cinema, with millions of DVDs for our family to watch. Scattered around where comfortable and luxurious seats and sofas, everything clean and modern-looking. Ellie had curled up on a brown leather sofa, under a fauz-fur rug and fallen asleep, one tiny fist curled over the rug. Gently, I picked her up so that she didn't wake up. Jay was looking at both of us, proud and happy. He put his arms around me so that he didn't disturb Ellie and pulled me against him to kiss me again. Closing my eyes, I leaned my forehead against his. It felt like a perfect moment.  We took Ellie upstairs  to her room, another huge room and put her into bed. We then settled quietly with a movie on, just relaxing and enjoying being a couple.

Jay had pulled me against his chest and we were curled up on one of the sofas together. Jay had his arms around me and our hands were linked as we watched Titanic again. I leaned up to kiss Jay happily when out of the blue, there was a huge crash from upstairs. Jay and I held our breath for a moment, when there was total silence.

"Ellie!" I screamed, sprinting out of the room to hers, with Jay right behind me. When we got to her room, the window was shattered across the floor and the room was empty. Ellie was gone.

The End

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