We moved into a house somewhere secluded near the beach. Cornwall. It was a nice house; three floors, black wooden beams going around it, white walls and a porch. It had a garage with three different cars in it. One of them was a red convertable Mazda, the other a dark Range Rover, and the last one was a sleek blue Ferrari.

 I was holding Asha's hand, staring at her lovingly. I looked behind me. Elena, our daughter was waddling over to us, laughing, causing deep dimples to form on either side of her red lips. She was pale except for her rosy cheeks. She had long, straight raven hair and icy-blue eyes. Her bottom lip jutted out slightly. Her eyes crinkled whenever she smiled.

 Asha laughed when Elena bent down to pick up a large rock. Her chubby hand could barely fit around it.

 "Come on, Ellie." Asha said, holding out her free hand. Elena giggled and ran to grab her hand. Our family was perfect. 

The End

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