Its the little moments. His crooked smile. The way he captures my lips perfectly. The way we always know each others thoughts.

Our lives had touched time and time again, breifly. Always, we found each other, without trying. Yet we never even knew each other's name before the Mansion. There, our lives joined and permanently fused together. Now, I couldn't imagine living apart. Now, we have left the Mansion and found ourselves a haven to call home. To have a family. To be a couple. To leave our pasts behind and enjoy a peaceful future.

Well, thats the plan. Oddly, Jay and I seemed to be magnets for trouble. And our little one? Little Elena? Well our beautiful Ellie seems to be more of a magnet than Jay and I put together. Which is quite an achievement.

One thing is for certain. For the first time, the Shadow has truly gone from my life. I am a mother, a wife, a lover and a friend. No longer hunter, a hunter, a killer or an obsession. Needless to say, its a different life now.

The End

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