Meant to Be

(HannaKingdom and I ONLY! :])
What would you give for love? Your life? What if you've already paid that price, even before you made the wish. Before you even wanted that life to end?
But what if you changed for the better? Would you be happy then? Probably not without love. But when you find it, hold onto it, because you can only feel it once...
Jay and Asha Hale, the newish wedded couple have left Vampire Mansion, and are living in their own home. Their child has born, and their lives are


It was perfect. We were perfect. Perfectly happy; content with our lives. We were in love. And we still are; we always will be!

 Asha and I were meant to be together, and we always loved each other, even though we didn't even know who we were falling for...until the Mansion

 We didn't really meet, but glimpsed each other. I know I instantly fell in love, and I hope Asha did too.

 But we've left the Mansion, having nothing to do there. And we have new lives together...

The End

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