Our Good Ol' (NOT) FN Teacher

For all those who don't know, FN here stands for Food And Nutrition. (Which is like Home Ec. for some... I'll explain more later on.)
So, we have this Food And Nutrition teacher.

And, let me put it bluntly; she SUCKS.

We used to have a pretty okay teacher, but then she got too busy, and in came this teacher. Oh, joyous me! 
I know you shouldn't judge by appearance, but honestly, this woman frowns so much that it's HER fault she isn't quite so attractive. When she smiles... eh, she's quite alright, but the most smiles I see on HER face are sarcastic ones.

1. She can't teach.
I mean, seriously! Basically, FN is this subject where we learn about fats and vitamins and water and how they are worthy of our diet, etc. etc. (like a seperate biology, I suppose) and it doesn't HAVE to be rote-learning. Really, if she made it a bit more interesting, perhaps it would be. But, like, NO. She doesn't. So we have to rote-learn e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. I mean, that's stupid and worthless and oh my gosh, what is the point?!

2. She's got this MASSIVE temper.
Obviously, we get bored and annoyed in her class, and I'm in the "Smart Section" - which is basically the section where they sorted out all the students with good marks. This is an insult to our bloody intelligence, I'm sorry, but it is. So we start chatting slash bugging her, and she e.x.p.l.o.d.e.s. Take yesterday, for example.
She was trying to do some revision with us for our exams (which, BTW, did not help whatsoever, because she's just reading off the book, we can do that OURSELVES, thank you very much) and then this dude Z started nattering to his friend, for the fourth time.

"Why are you talking?!" she shrieked. "I'm trying to HELP you, and you aren't listening! What is your problem, Z!?! I will put tape on all your mouths, so shut up!"

And I decided to mention a very important fact which I had just read on AOL. Also, I admit, I wanted to bug her.

"Teacher, I'd just like to raise the fact that a teacher just got sued for putting tape on her students' mouths," I informed her loudly.

The class, obviously, exploded in to giggles.

And I kept giggling. I'm sorry, but it was true. (Although the teacher wasn't actually SUED, she was filed with a legal case, but like, whatever.)

And she kept shrieking and yelling and whatnot.

3. She hasn't the best hygiene...
Example; we were making this fruit trifle ("It's a desert full of FATS and CARBOHYDRATES, which are GOOD for your... BODY!") and she was trying to get the custard out of the bowl. So she used her fingers.
That's okay, I mean, she had washed them and you have to do that sometimes. 
But then she LICKED them. Yes, LICKED them.
And began touching the rest of the food with her fingers.

And licked them AGAIN.
Holy cow, woman, that's not right!!

So, naturally, nobody really wanted to eat it at the end. And she got cross (DUH.).

"What!?!" she snapped. "It's not poisonous, you made it yourselves!"

Someone tried to explain. "Teacher, you used your fingers - "

"So!?! I WASHED them, okay, you have to do that! You don't know how to cook, you wouldn't understand!"

"No, but teacher, when you used your fingers - "

"NO EXCUSES! I washed them, and it's perfectly healthy!"

She refused to listen. That wasn't our fault. But gosh, that's just NOT. RIGHT.
(In case you were wondering, I did eat some trifle, after silently praying I wouldn't contract some horrible virus / disease / food poisoning from it. I didn't, thank gosh.)

And that's it, basically. 
(But seriously, HER TEACHING SUCKS LIKE THOSE CHOCOLATE PIPES IN 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', I'M NOT JOKING.)

The End

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