Me, myself and I.

10 things about me that you might find interesting. Give it a read!

I thought you guys should know few things about me. This would help to understand my work more and also, you might learn something interesting. Let's go!

1. I am never happy with my work. No matter how many good ratings/comments I will get, I will never think my lyrics or stories are good.
2. I am strongly atheist, however I respect that others have other beliefs than me. And I find strongly believing in something pretty beautiful.
3. I put some piece of me in every single work I do. In lyrics I pour out all my emotions at the time and in stories, my characters have some of me in them.
4. I analyse things. A lot.
5. I'm paranoid all the time. I even analyse texts from people to judge if they still like me.
6. I would be lost without writing. Is my biggest outlet to make myself feel a lot better.
7. I need to be creative! It is my life. I do few things in many different areas like photography, radio and TV. Just because I can.
8. I admire few people here on Protag for how well they can write.
9. I think a lot. So much that sometimes, I bring myself down because past gets to me.
10. I start too many projects and I never finish them. Which is a shame.

Thank you for reading!

The End

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